Women’s Efforts Wasted

Women from Vabukori had to wake up as early as 5am to prepare meals for its 1000 plus eligible voters. The mothers said it was wasted effort, the meals were prepared on time for voters only to find out polling was deferred. 

A public servant residing at Vabukori, Granette Ontimo said she had to leave work only to sit around and wait for nothing. 
Coordinator for sitting member, Justin Tkatchenko in the village, Kwari Daure said there were rumours in the community that scrutineers and candidates were responsible for tampering with polling schedule.

Vabukori runs curfew

The village, consisting of three areas, gathered residents to participate in the program.

The curfew aims to restrict drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Many young men and a few women are volunteering to run the curfews, which include roadblocks for vehicle checking.

The 8pm shift is run by children under 16 years of age while the midnight shift is for older people.

Deputy Chairman of the Vabukori Village Court, Michael Ikavape, said this is a first of its kind in the community and has so far brought peace during the festive period.

House destroyed in harsh weather

Last night’s gale destroyed the Frank family’s Vabukori home as well as blew their roof off, dropping it a few metres away on a nearby hill.

Wari Frank told this newsroom that the house, which was a few feet away from their family home, belonged to her son Kila, who shares it with his wife and three children.

Yesterday, between 8 and 9pm, Kila was spending time with his parents when he decided to check on his house after a particularly large gust, only to be met with the wreckage.