Vabukori runs curfew

The village of Vabukori has taken the initiative to run a community curfew.

The village, consisting of three areas, gathered residents to participate in the program.

The curfew aims to restrict drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Many young men and a few women are volunteering to run the curfews, which include roadblocks for vehicle checking.

The 8pm shift is run by children under 16 years of age while the midnight shift is for older people.

Deputy Chairman of the Vabukori Village Court, Michael Ikavape, said this is a first of its kind in the community and has so far brought peace during the festive period.

Ikavape added that the program has seen community residents and a business houses donate funds for the day-to-day operation.

He is asking for further assistance from businesses within the vicinity.

The curfew operations started on the 1st of December will end on the 6th of January.

(Article by Jamie Haro - UPNG Journalism student) 

Jamie Haro