2017 National Elections

​Gulf Province starts counting

Counting for Gulf Regional seat started at 3pm today.

Returning Officer Ronney Havenggau said count 1 will be for the 3 boxes from Kerema Urban.

Counting for Kerema and Kikori Open electorates will start tomorrow.

Meanwhile, counting for the regional and open electorates are all conducted in Kerema Town.

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​O’Neill’s declaration deferred

This is to allow for the remaining ballot boxes to be counted before the declaration.

After count 96 at around 2pm today, O’Neill is leading with 42,717, followed by an independent candidate Stanley Liria on 7,035 and Justus Rapula on 1,244.

Ialibu-Pangia Assistant Returning Officer, Samson Pulu, said counting for Ialibu-Pangia will be completed this afternoon while the declaration will be done tomorrow.

COUNTING: SHP’s progressive results

COUNTING: Kairuku-Hiri’s progressive result – after count 8

COUNTING: Rabaul’s progressive result

The final primary count was completed around 7pm last night. 

The progressive results after the final primary count are as follows;

COUNTING: Rigo Open’s progressive result – after count 12

Count 12 included votes from Walai to Kemabolo.     

​COUNTING: New Ireland Regional progressive result

Progressive result after count 22:


New Ireland Regional - after count 22




COUNTING: NCD’s progressive results – after count 133

Parkop leads with 14,547 votes, a margin of 8,531 votes to second-placed Andy Bawa.     

NCD Regional - after count 133

COUNTING: Goilala’s progressive results – after count 5

It was suspended after count five yesterday afternoon.

There was a slight delay for counting as officials fronted up asking for their allowance.

Following are progressive results after count 5 as of yesterday afternoon.

COUNTING: Moresby North-East’s progressive results – after count 43

As of 10am this morning, progressive results for the electorate: