2017 National Elections

​Tight security at Mendi counting centre

Everyone, regardless of rankings and titles, have to go through thorough security checks before entering the counting centre.

Even the Provincial Election Manager, Philip Wakias, had to go through checks before entering; the same goes for media personnel.

Mobile phones, bags and cash exceeding K100 are not allowed into the counting centre.

COUNTING: Telefomin Open’s progressive result – after count 8

The progressive results:     

COUNTING: Gulf Regional progressive result – after count 1

Counting, which started yesterday, was suspended around 5.30pm. However, it will resume today.

Progressive results so far:

​Five-day buffer for return of writs

Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, says the Organic Law on Election allows 21 days of counting but they only asked for 16 days for this election.

If counting in some areas is not completed by the return of writ deadline, which is July 24th, Gamato said they will advise the Governor-General to extend for the full 21 days as required under law.

COUNTING: Vanimo-Green River progressive results - after count 11

Boxes were from Team 77’s areas of Wutung, Musu, Yako, Waramo and Lido villages.

Here is the progressive result:


COUNTING: Northern’s progressive results

All three seats in the province completed count 9 as of 4pm today.


​COUNTING: Goilala’s progressive results – after count 9

It commenced after counting was suspended on Thursday night at count 5.

When Loop PNG visited the counting venue this afternoon, count 10 was underway.

Following are the progressive results after count 9 as of 6pm today.

COUNTING: Kairuku-Hiri’s progressive result – after count 10

Ballot boxes for count 10 were from the Papa and Bogi villages in the Hiri LLGs.

The results are as follows:

Counting completed: Namatanai Open

The final results of the top three candidates:

​Western electorates start counting

Counting for North Fly will start after Provincial Administrator Gull Gorgum officially declares it open, said Paul.

South Fly electorate will start counting on Sunday.

Counting for North Fly will be done in Kiunga, Middle Fly will be at Balimo and South Fly in Daru.

Primary count for the Western Province Provincial Seat will be done at all 3 Open electorate venues. Elimination count will be done at Kiunga.