2017 National Elections

COUNTING: Madang Regional progressive result – after count 17

The progressive result:

Gazelle Open completes primary count

“I am now doing quality checks,” Returning Officer, Peter Lapim, told Loop PNG.

“After the quality checks, we will be doing the elimination.”

The progressive result: 

Sandaun Regional counting to start

An official on the ground told Loop PNG that counting will start as soon as they are done setting up.

The electorate has a total of 106 ballot boxes to count.

32 candidates are contesting the West Sepik provincial seat.  

Meanwhile, counting for the Vanimo-Green River electorate had resumed, with count 12 underway.

O’Neill declared!

This is O'Neill's fourth term to be elected as the MP for Ialibu-Pangia.

After count 115, O'Neill collected 48,714 votes.

Officially declaring him at around 12.30pm was Ialibu-Pangia Returning Officer Michael Ariando, in the presence of counting officials, scrutineers and supporters.

O'Neill has gone past the 50% +1 absolute majority, with a surplus of more than 17,000 votes.

More updates to come...

(During O’Neill’s declaration today in Mendi, SHP)


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COUNTING: Maprik Open’s progressive result – after count 18

Maprik Open Returning Officer, Godfried Sokamia, told Loop PNG that after Count 18 ended at 8pm last night, the incumbent MP, John Simon, is trailing the man who he unseated 5 years ago.

The top three candidates are;  

​COUNTING: Goilala’s progressive results – after count 11

It was suspended at 8:30pm yesterday after count 11.

In Goilala Open, votes for Alex Hoem Robert have not increased since count 9, but is still maintaining his position in the lead. In the meantime, incumbent sitting member William Samb has moved up into the top 5.

Loop PNG visited the venue this morning. Following are the progressive results after count 11.

COUNTING: NCD Regional’s progressive result – after count 152

Progressive results as of 11am today are as follows;     

COUNTING: Moresby North-West’s progressive results – after count 84

The progressive results as of 11am this morning are as follows;

COUNTING: WNB’s progressive results

COUNTING: Moresby North-East’s progressive result – after count 58