Rigo Open

COUNTING: Rigo Open’s progressive result – after count 12

Count 12 included votes from Walai to Kemabolo.     

Pala to focus on good governance and service delivery

Pala says good service delivery system like infrastructure, free education and health care are the fundamentals of his leadership and these are top priority policies for the current Government.

“We are ready to get the people’s support to continue the good work with regard to education, health and the massive infrastructure development that the country has seen in the last five years.

“People complain that the country doesn’t have money but all the money is tied up in implementing projects.

Economic empowerment to be priority for female candidate

Leka-Maliaki highlighted that with the country’s economy not looking too good, she wants to empower her people of Rigo and to give back what they truly deserve by empowering them economically.

Second on her list of priorities is women and youths and how the growing youth issues can be addressed.

This includes empowering youths through sports.

“As current president of PNG Netball, I want to use my expertise and leadership to really transform the district because it can be done across all sports.

Launa leaps into race for Rigo Open

Flanked by her supporters from her village of Kalo, the heptathlon star from the 1984 Summer Olympic in Los Angeles and 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, became the 31st candidate at 12:41pm vying to unseat Ano Pala.

“I’m excited about this new challenge. I stand for change. I want everyone from Rigo to join me to bring change to Rigo and the Central province as a whole,” said Launa.

Returning Officer for Rigo Open, Virgil Waisa said Launa’s nomination made her the sixth female candidate.

Candidates fail to provide party endorsement form at nomination

Waisa said out of 17 candidates who have so far nominated, most of them sponsored by political parties say they have provided their forms to the electoral office at Waigani.

He said these candidates will be allowed to contest the election but will be regarded as independent candidates.  

The returning officer also revealed that there has been an increase of female candidates intending to contest the 2017 National Elections compared to the 2012 elections.

In 2012, Rigo Open had only about three female candidates that contested.

Julianne Leka-Maliaki nominates for Rigo Open

Leka-Maliaki is contesting as an independent candidate and was led to the nomination venue by family members and supporters.

She joins 16 other candidates already nominated so far to contest the Rigo seat including two other female candidates.

Leka-Maliaki said her nomination is a good representation for the women of Rigo and Central Province.

"It gives us the opportunity to put our hands up to discuss issues at the highest level.

"I am thankful to the people of Rigo who have given women the opportunity to contest," she said.

Politicians settle decade-long feud

The duo did a public reconciliation at the Jack Pidik Park today to announce to the public their decision now that Vele will be contesting the Rigo Open.

Vele and Parkop were rivals contesting the Governor’s seat in 2007 and 2012.

Electoral coordinator of NCD governor, Lawrence Martin said the reconciliation is a process to combine forces and introduce corporation from Vele’s supporters in NCD to help Parkop contest in this election.