2017 National Elections

Witchcraft blamed for ESP vote disappearance

According to Returning Officer Martin Wana, the allegations surfaced after certain candidates did not collect estimated votes in certain areas, which they claimed is their stronghold.              

Wana told Loop PNG that the claims are outrageous because polling at all venues in the district was held outdoors and during the day.

The RO added that the candidates tried to use this allegation to ask for a recount of the boxes.

“A recount is impossible until a court order is served,” Wana said.

COUNTING: Bogia Open progressive result – after count 20

​Court to address election related matters today

Among them are those that went for mention last week before Justice Collin Makail.

Cases that went briefly last week include that of a Southern Highlands Provincial candidate, Sylvester Harry Komba, which was filed against Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato.

Hela regional seat candidate Dr. Hewali Hamiya’s motion filed against Commissioner Gamato will also return to court today.

Urgent applications that were recently filed against Commissioner Gamato, which are also expected today, include that of Namatanai Open runner-up, Byron Chan.

Quality checks stalled due to payment issues

Returning Officer Martin Wana told Loop PNG that this is beyond his control. He is hoping the PNG Electoral Commission in Port Moresby will pay the POs’ allowances.   

He confirmed that the counting for the 19 ballot boxes was completed yesterday and the sitting MP maintains a 7,792 voter margin, from the former MP who he unseated in the 2012 National Elections.

This is the progressive tally of the top three candidates, after completion of count 19 primary votes yesterday at Yangoru Station.  

Candidates yet to reach absolute majority mark

Nuku Returning Officer Francis Yawalan told Loop PNG that the absolute majority number stands at 15,351.

Yawalan confirmed that elimination will be carried out today to find the winning candidate.

This is the progressive results as of 3:30pm on Tuesday after completion of quality checks.


COUNTING: Moresby North-West quality check underway

Counting was suspended at the end of count 112 today, before officials resumed at 4:30pm to do quality check.

At the end of count 112, Sir Mekere Morauta is still ahead while sitting MP, Michael Malabag, is on 5th place.


COUNTING: NCD regional progressive result – after count 223

As at 4pm today, Parkop was over 12,000 votes ahead of his second-placed rival, Andy Bawa, at the end of count 223.

COUNTING: Vanimo-Green River progressive result – after count 25

Returning Officer Anthony Makes gave the progressive result of the top 5 candidates after count 25 today;

COUNTING: Bogia Open progressive result – after count 15

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after count 13

Following completion of count 13 of the 29 ballot boxes, below are the top 5 candidates.