2017 National Elections

​Maru confident of PNC’s rule

Maru was declared last night at Yangoru Station as member elect for Yangoru-Saussia District in East Sepik Province.

The PNC candidate, after the elimination round, was declared around 9pm by Returning Officer Martin Wana.

Maru, speaking after the declaration formalities, assured his people that the development projects started in his first term in Parliament will be completed.

He said PNC will form government and will not forget the people of Yangoru-Saussia.

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after elimination 11

Sitting MP Jim Simatab continues to hold onto the top spot after the 11th exclusion of the election counting yesterday.

According to the results obtained from the Central Tally Room, the National Alliance candidate is in front of the pack with a 1,021 vote gap from the second position candidate.

The progressive tally:


​Abau retains Temu

Sir Puka polled 11,638 votes, adding to the ruling People’s National Congress party tally to 11 elected members so far.

This will be his fourth term representing the people of Abau in the Central Province.

He was declared by Abau Returning Officer, Lawrence Baro, at Kupiano on Friday afternoon.

Sir Puka’s win is ahead of Social Democratic Party candidate Evele Kala, and National Alliance candidate Wari Iamo.

Konga is new ENB governor!

Konga was declared at 9.45pm tonight.

Election manager Joap Voivoi told Loop PNG that Konga gathered 25,030 votes ahead of People’s National Congress Party candidate Leo Dion, who was not far behind with 24,642.

The People's Progress Party member was right at the heels of Dion during the counting and elimination period. He overtook the former Gazelle MP at the final leg of eliminations.

His declaration comes less than 24 hours after fellow PPP member, Emil Tammur, became Kokopo Open's new Member-elect.

Officials agree to resume Kairuku-Hiri counting

Counting of the two last ballot boxes will commence at 6pm today.

The delay was due to administrative issues, including non-payment of allowances for the second shift of counting officials.

The decision to resume counting came after the Central Provincial Administrator, Gei Raga, addressed the officials and assured them that they will be paid their outstanding allowances.

Raga appealed to the officials to voluntarily continue counting as this election process must continue.

Kua successfully retains seat!

The required vote for an absolute majority was 20,910.

However, the leader for PNG National Party polled a total of 21,114 in the 33rd exclusion check for the electorate, exceeding the absolute majority.

Kua is the first candidate to be declared under his party as well as the first to be declared for Chimbu Province.

​Kairuku-Hiri Open declaration expects delay

Kairuku-Hiri Returning Officer, Tabu Vaira, said with the delay in counting of the last two ballot boxes due to administrative issues, they are now running behind schedule.

After the last two boxes are counted, they will then move on to quality checks.

Vaira explained that quality checks will depend on how fast they can go through to make sure that during the eliminations, no informal votes are found.

“Quality checks normally take one to two days but we will have to fast track the process,” he stated.

COUNTING: ENB Regional progressive result – after elimination 15

Triumph Heritage Empowerment candidate, Sinai Brown, was recently excluded from the race.

The progressive tally:     

COUNTING: Goilala Open progressive results – after elimination 17

At the 17th exclusion, only 13 candidates remain, with incumbent sitting member William Samb still in the lead.

The progressive tally: 


​Polye to seek counting of disputed ballot boxes

John Napu this morning appeared before Justice Stephen Kassman in the Supreme Court with the reference that was filed under section 18(1) of the Constitution on July 14.

It was adjourned to next week because the court directed for the Electoral Commission to be served the documents despite the application being filed to be heard without any other parties.

Electoral Commission lawyer Alice Kimbu appeared in court but was not ready to respond today.

The case will return to court next Tuesday where Napu will ask the court to grant interim orders.