2017 National Elections

COUNTING: Nuku’s progressive result – after elimination 6

Nuku Returning Officer Francis Yawalan informed Loop PNG that the final elimination process will start at 9am today to find which candidate will reach the absolute majority figure of 15,351.  

Candidates eliminated as of 6:30pm yesterday were; Kelly Waranguai (Independent), Nelson Kelly (PNG Party) and Adam Mensum Wangu (PANGU), Alfred Talis (Paradise Kingdom Party), Mauri Nemantu (Independent) and Matthew Suni (PNG National Party).   

The three remaining candidates are;

COUNTING: ENB Regional progressive result – after elimination 10

The progressive tally:

ENB Regional - after elimination 10




COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after count 26

With three more ballot boxes to be counted today, the sitting MP, Jim Simatab, maintains a buffer of 1,147 votes from businessman Isifu.

Below is the progressive tally of the top five candidates:

COUNTING: Vanimo-Green River progressive result – after count 35

The progressive tally:

COUNTING: Central Regional progressive result – after Kairuku-Hiri count 34

The progressive tally:     

COUNTING: Kairuku-Hiri progressive result – after count 34

Isoaimo leads on 9,749 votes after count 34 from the Mekeo LLG.

Count 34 top five results:


21 MPs declared so far

The political party with the highest number of MPs declared so far is People’s National Congress (PNC) Party (8) MPs followed by Pangu Party (5) then National Alliance (2).

Parties with only 1 MP declared so far are Melanesian Liberal Party, United Resource Party, Christian Democratic Party and Coalition for Reform.

Among the 21 declared were Prime Minister and Member for Ialibu-Pangia, Peter O’Neill, and Pangu Party leader Sam Basil, who reclaimed the Bulolo Open seat.

COUNTING: ENB Regional progressive result – after elimination 1

The first candidate to go after elimination 1 was Paterl Gerard Waipo (Independent).

The progressive tally:

ENB Regional - after elimination 1



COUNTING COMPLETED: Abau Open into quality checks

  The progressive results:

Abau Open - after count 18




Media barred from NCD Regional counting venue

Loop PNG as well as other media reporters have confirmed that they were not allowed into the venue.

Electoral officials at the venue say this was the directive from the Election Manager, Alwyn Jimmy.

Media were informed that Assistant Election Manager, Bale Kavanamur, will be at the venue and any questions regarding the instruction can be raised with him.

Meanwhile, media personnel have not been barred from the Moresby North-West counting venue.