2017 National Elections

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after count 29

COUNTING: West Sepik Regional progressive result – after count 21

COUNTING: Goilala Open progressive result – after elimination 3

Incumbent sitting member William Samb is holding strong in the lead while candidates with the least votes are slowly being eliminated.

Gilbert Goi, Peter Gopa Aelai and Camilo Ese were the first three to drop out in the race.

Following are the progressive results:

​Leading ESP candidate threatens to sue rivals

He said he had collected the highest number of votes in Wosera-Gawi, Ambunti-Dreikikir and Wewak for obvious reasons, and that is his home and where he has invested time and resources over 25 years of living and working in the province.

Bird, a member of the National Alliance party, is currently leading the progressive tally in the East Sepik regional seat, and has collected more than 60 thousand votes to date.

He said he will study the basis of the allegations levelled against him, and if there are any defamatory statements, he will sue his accusers for defamation.

COUNTING: Morobe Regional progressive result – after count 159

Kairuku-Hiri Open counting delayed

Counting ended at midnight yesterday after count 39 and is yet to resume today.

Kairuku-Hiri Returning Officer, Tabu Vaira, said counting of the two last boxes has been on hold due to the delay in payment of allowances for a handful of polling officials, who are also involved in counting.

He says allowance for polling officials is the responsibility of the Electoral Commission.

Vaira confirmed that counting will resume as soon as the assistant election manager for Central Province addresses the officials.

COUNTING: Moresby North-East progressive result – after count 115

Two boxes are now being sorted and counted simultaneously.

As of 11am this morning, progressive results after count 115 are as follows;


Independents align with PNC

Komo-Margarima member-elect, Manasseh Makiba, and Koroba-Lake Kopiago member-elect, Petrus Thomas, both said today they will align with PNC but maintain their independent status.

Joined by returning MP for Tari-Pori, James Marape, both candidates highlighted the need for stability in government and continuous service delivery.

However, they mentioned they will commit to the coalition if the government commits to address issues in their respective electorates.

COUNTING: Central Regional progressive result – after Kairuku-Hiri count 39

Incumbent Governor Kila Haoda continues to hold on to second place.

The progressive result:


COUNTING: Kairuku-Hiri progressive result – after count 39

After count 39, Isoaimo sits on 12,904 votes ahead of former Member and People’s National Congress Party candidate, Paru Aihi. 

The progressive result: