Wewak open

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after elimination 11

Sitting MP Jim Simatab continues to hold onto the top spot after the 11th exclusion of the election counting yesterday.

According to the results obtained from the Central Tally Room, the National Alliance candidate is in front of the pack with a 1,021 vote gap from the second position candidate.

The progressive tally:


COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after count 29

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after count 26

With three more ballot boxes to be counted today, the sitting MP, Jim Simatab, maintains a buffer of 1,147 votes from businessman Isifu.

Below is the progressive tally of the top five candidates:

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after count 13

Following completion of count 13 of the 29 ballot boxes, below are the top 5 candidates.

Electoral official: No foul play at Wewak Open

That was the confirmation given by the East Sepik Election Manager Kila Ralai today.

Ralai clarified to Loop PNG that the ballot papers were in the possession of certified election officials when stopped by supporters of certain candidates.

He said they were travelling in a PMV hired by the PNG Electoral Commission to go into their designated polling venue, a day in advance to prepare.

Ralai confirmed that the officials were not escorted by any security personnel which made the supporters suspicious.

‘Big Fish’ Pokajam to nominate for Wewak Open

Tomorrow as the Electoral Office opens for business, a large crowd is expected to make its way to Wewak’s Sir Michael Somare Stadium to witness the nomination of Sylvester “Big Fish” Pokajam.

Pokajam from Wewak is no stranger to the people, having assisted the town in building landmark projects while he was Managing Director of the National Fisheries Authority, a post he held for 10 years. He was recently appointed chairman of the Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc.