Jim Simatab

Wewak petition set for trial

The petition was filed by former MP, Jim Simatab, challenging Kevin Isifu’s election as Wewak open MP.

Simatab is alleging instances of bribery against Isifu in the petition.

The matter went before Justice Collin Makail today where it was fix for five days trial commencing January 15, 2018.

The trial will be held at the Wewak National Court. A judge will be allocated to preside over the trial soon.

Counting: Wewak open results after 24th elimination

After exclusion 24, sitting MP Jim Simatab only leads by 512 votes.

With elimination continuing to find the absolute majority, it was originally only 16, 974 votes but will decrease when ballot papers are exhausted during elimination to find a winner.

The progressive scoreboard is: Jim Simatab (NA) – 6535, Kevin Isifu (PPP) – 6023, Silvester Pokajam (Independent) – 5180, Stanley Muts Samban (PNG National Party) -5032 and Ernie Bautista (THE) - 4780 

COUNTING: Wewak Open progressive result – after elimination 11

Sitting MP Jim Simatab continues to hold onto the top spot after the 11th exclusion of the election counting yesterday.

According to the results obtained from the Central Tally Room, the National Alliance candidate is in front of the pack with a 1,021 vote gap from the second position candidate.

The progressive tally: