‘Big Fish’ Pokajam to nominate for Wewak Open

​ East Sepik’s provincial capital Wewak, is in a state of excitement and frenzy as the 2017 National Elections begin.

Tomorrow as the Electoral Office opens for business, a large crowd is expected to make its way to Wewak’s Sir Michael Somare Stadium to witness the nomination of Sylvester “Big Fish” Pokajam.

Pokajam from Wewak is no stranger to the people, having assisted the town in building landmark projects while he was Managing Director of the National Fisheries Authority, a post he held for 10 years. He was recently appointed chairman of the Fishing Industry Association (PNG) Inc.

“Big Fish” Pokajam told Loop PNG he was expecting a huge supporter turnout tomorrow as he goes in to nominate as a candidate for the Wewak Open seat.

“I am expecting a large crowd from the Wewak islands, Turubu coast and hinterland, Wewak urban and rural and Boikin Dagua coastal and inland to form a convoy.”

He said a convoy of outboard motored dinghies will start from Warak village Mushu island to Wewak Yacht Club then to Meni village beach and from there to the Wewak mainland where a  convoy of vehicles will escort him to the Sir Michael Somare Stadium for nomination.

Pokajam said he was confident he will win the Wewak Open seat hoping to unseat the current MP Jim Simitab who is also Correctional Services Minister.


Picture: Sylvester “Big Fish” Pokajam contesting Wewak Open.  

Alfred Kaniniba