Minister Tsiamalili visits Torokina

MP Tsiamalili Jnr flew in from Rabaul, and then headed to Torokina to assess the situation and offer aid to those affected.

The eruption had a devastating impact on villages along the South and East coast, with Wakunai on the West side also being affected. Tsiamalili Junior, representing the National Government on behalf of Prime Minister James Marape and Deputy Prime Minister Hon John Rosso, as well as South and Central MPs, Timothy Masiu and Simon Domarinu, came to provide comfort and leadership to the people of Torokina.

Torokina communities benefit from projects

These are funded through the Australian government’s Bougainville Community Grants Scheme.

The people of Ukoto ward built two poultry sheds, fully equipped with drinkers, feeders, lamps and stock feed, which has increased economic activity in the area and will provide opportunities for investment in other income generation activities.

K1m boat for B’ville islanders

The boat will make access easier for transporting goods and produce like cocoa and copra between Torokina, South Bougainville and Buka town.

The people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB), even after 20 years after one of the bloodiest civil wars known in the history of Papua New Guinea, are still picking up rather slowly on the normalcy known throughout the country – like the tradition of celebrating Christmas.

Dangerous chemicals being smuggled into area: Residents

This advice follows claims by residents that dangerous chemicals are being smuggled into the mining area.

Miner Martin Deforest Nilee told Loop PNG: “Some people are now trading these chemicals for gold and a lot of miners also need these chemicals and are giving away gold for it”.

“The thing we’re concerned about is the threat to human lives and also the environment. What will happen to the ecosystem, the fish and prawns, our daily food from rivers and creeks? Most of these chemicals are being used upstream,” he claims.

Government aids people of Torokina

 A thousand bale of rice, other assorted goods and medical supplies were send on a charter boat down to Torokina.

Disaster coordinator on Bougainville Franklin lacey told Loop PNG that the supplies have already been distributed to the people who have been affected by the volcano.

“I for one would really like to thank the national Government, more particularly the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill for the funding his government has provided for the people of Torokina,” Lacey said.

First time MP calls for help for his people

He was concerned that despite the volcano eruption that caused destruction to the area some 2 months ago, it has received little or no assistance at all from the Autonomous Bougainville Government and the national government.

In calling for help from the government, he said ABG had no money to help his people recover from this natural disaster.

He therefore asked the Prime Minister if the government can come in to assist.