Bougainville Regional MP

Bipartisan committee hampered

Deputy Chair of the Committee and Bougainville Regional MP, Joe Lera, said this during the launching of the PNG NRI Bougainville Referendum Research Project’s sixth report on the Referendum.

“Our work has also been hampered in many ways, including access to limited funding and other support. Our Committee plays an important role in the future of Bougainville and we would need to do our part in informing Parliament on an appropriate course of action, when the results of the Referendum are considered by Parliament,” he said.

Dialogue on ARoB radio frequencies

This is to improve the dissemination of information through the Island.

Basil said if need be, funding will be requested from the NEC towards the projects.

Bougainville Regional MP, Joe Lera, asked Minister Basil in parliament what plans are in place to improve radio coverage in Bougainville, with the current FM frequency only servicing a small segment of the population.

He said with the referendum preparations, many Bougainvilleans need to be informed.