Poverty concerns in urban centres

This is simply because traditional social values and kin-based society take care of those in need. Those who have more always assist those in need. However, this traditional support system is breaking down gradually.

The National Research Institute (NRI) Spotlight Volume 16, Issue 11 titled “Papua New Guinea is facing the development challenges of poverty in urban centers” by Senior Research Fellow, Dr Philip Kavan, focuses on urban poverty and suggests strategies to mitigate poverty.

The paper looks into the four areas of importance:

Major crackdown in Lae land grabbing

Police see land grabbing as a breeding ground for lawlessness.

Lae police boss, Chief Superintendent Anthony Wagambie Jr, said they will work in unison with other public stakeholders to crack down on illegal settlements.

“We will join forces with Lands and other stakeholders and demolish those squatter settlements. These are some of the sources of uprising law and order issues in the city,” he said.

Wagambie Jr said these agencies are ready to work but due to issues like harassment, they do not perform.

Yama discourages removal of settlers

He said not all settlers are involved in creating law and order problems in the province.

Yama made the statement following the decapitation of a teacher from Ialibu, Southern Highlands Province, on April 3, which caused a series of confrontations, including protests against squatters and opportunists.

The Madang Governor is against making rushed decisions that will affect the province in the future.

PPP to set up two new government ministries

PPP Leader Ben Micah announced that as part of their policy, they are going to set up two most important ministries called Rural Development Ministry and Urban Development Ministry.

Micah made the announcement at Kaugere in the Moresby South electorate during PPP candidate Anna Skate’s first campaign rally.

Micah said they are going to reduce the public service by removing 11 government departments to create the two ministries.

The Rural Development Ministry will focus on transforming the lives of 80 percent of people living in the rural areas.

Catholic Church demands alcohol sales ban

  CBC general secretary Father Victor Roche made this statement today after visiting victims of the pack rape that took place at Morata in the nation’s capital on New Year ’s Day.

“ I spoke with two of the victims yesterday. I don’t know why people would come and attack women like this for no reason at all.

“Alcohol is the cause for this and selling it in settlements will always cause problems,” said Roche.

He appealed to relatives of the victims to allow the law to take its course.