People’s Progress Party

PPP to set up two new government ministries

PPP Leader Ben Micah announced that as part of their policy, they are going to set up two most important ministries called Rural Development Ministry and Urban Development Ministry.

Micah made the announcement at Kaugere in the Moresby South electorate during PPP candidate Anna Skate’s first campaign rally.

Micah said they are going to reduce the public service by removing 11 government departments to create the two ministries.

The Rural Development Ministry will focus on transforming the lives of 80 percent of people living in the rural areas.

​Motu-Koita neglected for too long: Candidate

Their lands have been taken away from them and their villages lack basic services, among other things. This will and must stop!

This was the main message to more than a thousand people gathered on Wednesday evening at Gabi village, Hanuabada, to witness the first rally of Moresby north-west candidate Russel Simon Wavik.

Wavik is running under the People’s Progress Party banner.

The message was clear, it was time for the people to choose a person they believe would lead them to fight for their livelihood.