Ben Micah

Micah Testifies

He was answering to questions raised by the members of the Inquiry if he had a role to play in the NEC submission on the controversial Union Bank of Switzerland loan (UBS) and related transactions made by the government.

Micah said as the then State Enterprises Minister he was responsible for coordinating the refinancing of the IPIC loan that was used to acquire the Government equity in the PNG LNG project.

“I was aware of the UBS loan to buy back our shares from the Arabs, IPIC. I was not aware that there was such loan to acquire 10 per cent shares from Oil Search.

Leave refused to Micah

Micah's petition was dismissed in the National Court for being incompetent because it was filed one day late and outside the 40-day period.

Ian Ling-Stuckey was declared MP on 20 July 2017. The 40-day filing period ended on 29 August. Micah filed the petition on 30 August 2017.

During competency hearing in the National Court, Micah stated in his affidavit that there was an error in the gazette notice regarding public holiday dates of 27 July and 26 August. The year dated on the gazette was 2018 and not 2017.

Micah reconciles with PM, Chan

Micah apologised for his behaviour and statements made against the PM, Sir Julius, former Namatanai MP Byron Chan and Works Minister Michael Nali.

"It has been 2 years since we last spoke," Micah told Sir Julius.

He further asked PM O'Neill to include his number in his contact list.

"Because I heard that you removed my number," Micah said amidst polite laughter from the crowd.

Pandanus mats, large pigs and mis (traditional shell money) were presented by Micah to show his remorse.

Election petition on Kavieng seat filed

The petition was filed on Tuesday against the successful candidate Ian Ling-Stuckey.

Ling-Stuckey has been named as the first respondent while the Electoral Commission the second.

The notice of petition has taken effect and each respondent who wishes to defend the petition is to contact the Registrar of the National Court to obtain a copy of the petition.

It will be listed for hearing at a later date.

The National Alliance member was declared the new Member for Kavieng Open on July 20 by Returning Officer, Yuyu Lasbut.

​DSIP fund not acquitted: Micah

Former Minister for State Enterprises and Kavieng MP, Ben Micah, told Loop PNG that most districts, including his own (Kavieng), have not been acquitted since 2013.

Micah was responding to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s statement in regard to the Kavieng DSIP.

O’Neill raised serious questions about what happened to the more than K40 million delivered to the Kavieng District over the past four years.

PPP to set up two new government ministries

PPP Leader Ben Micah announced that as part of their policy, they are going to set up two most important ministries called Rural Development Ministry and Urban Development Ministry.

Micah made the announcement at Kaugere in the Moresby South electorate during PPP candidate Anna Skate’s first campaign rally.

Micah said they are going to reduce the public service by removing 11 government departments to create the two ministries.

The Rural Development Ministry will focus on transforming the lives of 80 percent of people living in the rural areas.

Kavieng children proud of school buildings

The properties were officially opened by the local MP, Ben Micah, in the presence of Governor Sir Julius Chan, PEC members and Chiefs last Friday.

Headmistress of Lasiliba Primary School, Remis Eron, told the delegation that the completion of the building projects were a long time coming and the people are now excited they have come to fruition.

She said the projects were possible through the donation of K100,000 by Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, during his visit to the New Ireland in 2013. 

Nominations close in PPP’s stronghold province

Micah will be running against 22 other candidates to retain his seat, this includes three female candidates.

His nomination was witnessed by the founder of People Progress Party, Sir Julius Chan, New Ireland Governor and fellow PPP member, Namatanai MP Byron Chan who filed his nominations last Friday (April 21).

New Ireland Election Manager Glenson Laena told Loop PNG from Kavieng that Ron Meli was the last candidate who filed his nomination this afternoon to contest the Kavieng Open seat.

Micah describes Sir Michael as true son of New Ireland

When officially welcoming Sir Michael into the province, Micah said no one in PNG can match the leadership qualities of Sir Michael and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

He said it is their fight for independence that really stood out against all other leaders.

He further thanked their families especially their wives for giving them the strength to push for the country's independence.

Sir Michael was invited to New Ireland to be farewell by Sir Julius in a New Ireland way.

The Grand Chief retired from politics after serving the nation for 49 years.

DSIP to continue until Return of Writs

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill revealed this in parliament today after he was asked by the member for Kavieng, Ben Micah to explain, as many assumed that an Mp’s term in parliament ends at the issue of writs.

Micah also sought answers from the prime minister on Section 27 of the Ombudsman Commission act that calls for all project funds to be frozen until after elections in order to avoid abuse.