PPP to set up two new government ministries

The People’s Progress Party plans to set up two new government ministries included in its policy.

PPP Leader Ben Micah announced that as part of their policy, they are going to set up two most important ministries called Rural Development Ministry and Urban Development Ministry.

Micah made the announcement at Kaugere in the Moresby South electorate during PPP candidate Anna Skate’s first campaign rally.

Micah said they are going to reduce the public service by removing 11 government departments to create the two ministries.

The Rural Development Ministry will focus on transforming the lives of 80 percent of people living in the rural areas.

The Urban Development Ministry will address the living standards of people in the urban areas of PNG.

This ministry will standardise issues like housing, water, electricity and other services into the settlements and transform them into suburbs.

“We will make sure that the cities that we build in the future must reflect the same standard for all citizens to live in peace and harmony,” Micah said.

He highlighted that development in Port Moresby is only concentrated on certain suburbs.

Micah stressed that the majority of the population including the working class are still living in squatter settlements due to housing issues with no proper service delivery.

“People living in settlements and villages continue to be neglected and suffer the injustice of getting second class treatment from the National Capital District Commission, their own members of parliament and the Government.

“It’s not fair that people who come into the towns and cities to seek basic services continue to live in a village environment in the cities.”

Micah added that development must take place in Moresby as the city is growing and more people are expected to migrate into the city from the other provinces.


Quintina Naime