Schools observe Pentecost

Specifically, the Roman Catholic and the Lutheran Churches celebrate this historic event in their calendars, which signifies the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ, in Jerusalem while they were celebrating the Feast of Weeks.

Hillsong: scathing internal letter denounces church response to Brian Houston’s ‘unhealthy’ leadership

John Mays, the church’s head of people and development, recommended in the letter dated 19 March that Brian Houston and his wife, Bobbie, should be permanently sacked from Hillsong, saying Brian Houston “considered himself beyond disciplinary boundaries” and defied them “without further recourse from those responsible for his discipline”.

“Unfortunately, I believe this typifies the leadership that is foundational to many unhealthy people practices employed within our Church based on my observations over many years,” Mays wrote.

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Nisira: Religious extremism a timebomb in Bougainville

Religion has now been judged differently on Bougainville and it has gone right into the extreme and will end up uncontrollable.


A rural medical officer with many namesakes

KSDF unites churches in Kurumbukari mine area

Chairman of Kurumbukari Spiritual Development Foundation (KSDF), Pastor Michael Yori echoed the message during an Easter festive season gathering at Enekuai on the Kurumbukari  plateau in Usino Bundi district last weekend.

He pointed out that with the nickel/cobalt mining development currently taking shape in the Kurumbukari, there would be infiltration of foreign influences and changes affecting the socio-economic and spiritual livelihood of the inhabitants and the community.