Hillsong: scathing internal letter denounces church response to Brian Houston’s ‘unhealthy’ leadership

John Mays, the church’s head of people and development, recommended in the letter dated 19 March that Brian Houston and his wife, Bobbie, should be permanently sacked from Hillsong, saying Brian Houston “considered himself beyond disciplinary boundaries” and defied them “without further recourse from those responsible for his discipline”.

“Unfortunately, I believe this typifies the leadership that is foundational to many unhealthy people practices employed within our Church based on my observations over many years,” Mays wrote.

Carnival in Rio: Our favorite places to go

And nobody celebrates like Rio de Janeiro, where thousands of people come together to party in the streets, bars and restaurants and balls of Carnival.

Carnival 2017 starts on Friday, February 24 and ends on February 28, also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday. It's the hurrah before the Christian faithful start observing Lent, a period of contemplation and reflection before the coming of Easter.

Christmas Day service for Sudanese migrants in Melbourne full of dancing and prayer

"When you see us dancing it [is] our way of pleasing God, like praising God," said Abraham Kon, from the Jolwoliech youth ministry.

The 12 Days Of Christmas: A secret code for persecuted Catholics?

To many who have heard dozens of adaptations, the song seems to bring together a random bunch of animals and people like "eight maids a-milking" and "11 pipers piping".

But the meaning behind the familiar and cheerful song may have been closely tied with religious teachings, according to historical theologian Associate Professor Bronwen Neil from the Australian Catholic University.

KSDF unites churches in Kurumbukari mine area

Chairman of Kurumbukari Spiritual Development Foundation (KSDF), Pastor Michael Yori echoed the message during an Easter festive season gathering at Enekuai on the Kurumbukari  plateau in Usino Bundi district last weekend.

He pointed out that with the nickel/cobalt mining development currently taking shape in the Kurumbukari, there would be infiltration of foreign influences and changes affecting the socio-economic and spiritual livelihood of the inhabitants and the community.