KSDF unites churches in Kurumbukari mine area

CHRISTIAN faith can play a central role in moulding and shaping the destiny of local community in resource project areas in PNG, according to a pastor.

Chairman of Kurumbukari Spiritual Development Foundation (KSDF), Pastor Michael Yori echoed the message during an Easter festive season gathering at Enekuai on the Kurumbukari  plateau in Usino Bundi district last weekend.

He pointed out that with the nickel/cobalt mining development currently taking shape in the Kurumbukari, there would be infiltration of foreign influences and changes affecting the socio-economic and spiritual livelihood of the inhabitants and the community.

Therefore, KSDF wants to guide the population using the fundamentals of Christianity to participate as development partner in the mining development.

KSDF is an organisation formed in 2011 which has successfully united all the Christian churches to work in harmony within the Ramu nickel/cobalt project impact area.

Yori explained that KSDF is an umbrella Christian organisation registered to promote unity and harmonious working relationship among 21 Christian churches and two Christian private elementary schools as vehicle for change and development.

About 50 percent of the native population of Kurumbukari are Catholics, while the other half comprises those from other Christian denominations. 

Yori explained that due to the mining activity in the community of Kurumbukari the churches and the Christian learning institutions need an umbrella organisation that can represent them to equally participate as developmental partner in the project especially in the community and faith development programs. 

KSDF also has by- laws that would serve as supporting functions to its constitution. 

Christian denominations under the umbrella of KSDF are Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA), Four Square, Oneness Pentecost, ALC Church, Lutheran Renewal Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG, Soul Harvest Church, Sabbath Oneness and CLC Church, while Christian institutions in the organisation are two ACE  schools at Enekuai and Ainangri.

Since it inception KSDF have been engaged in or hosted hives of physical and spiritual activities.

Picture:  Michael Yori (second from right) at a recent crusade at Ainangri on the Ramu plain.

James G. Kila