Women told to have faith during trials

The Wesleyan Church national women’s president Ruthy Herowa encouraged mothers and young women to never lose hope when faced with problems.

Herowa is part of the PNG Wesleyan Church Women Ministry (PNG WCWM) that is staging its 7th National Women’s Conference this week in Port Moresby with over 500 women in attendance.

Herowa said: “My encouragement to women in PNG is that whatever situation we go through in our marriage lives, be joyful always.

“You may ask, how can we feel joy when we go through a divorce, abuse, neglected or violence in life?

KSDF unites churches in Kurumbukari mine area

Chairman of Kurumbukari Spiritual Development Foundation (KSDF), Pastor Michael Yori echoed the message during an Easter festive season gathering at Enekuai on the Kurumbukari  plateau in Usino Bundi district last weekend.

He pointed out that with the nickel/cobalt mining development currently taking shape in the Kurumbukari, there would be infiltration of foreign influences and changes affecting the socio-economic and spiritual livelihood of the inhabitants and the community.