Don’t mislead people: Kilepa

The frustrated Minister said in a recent media statement, “I’m disappointed and in disbelief after learning from several calls from my constituents and citizens living in Goroka, Eastern Highlands province accusing me of going overseas and signing the so-called ‘One-World Order’ deal in my recent international engagements.”

POM South Churches partnership

Recently the district authority contributed to the offerings of the church groups, funds between K2000 and K5000, towards Christmas activities.

On December 15th Moresby South Electorate District Administrator, Aisop Mol delivered K360,000 worth of tithes paid to several church and fellowship groups from Moresby South in Port Moresby.  

Churches join forces

Almost 50 leaders from 14 denominations in the Momase region have contributed to the development of a national church strategy to tackle sorcery accusation-related violence following a workshop in Lae by the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission (CLRC).

CLRC Secretary Dr Eric Kwa has condemned sorcery accusation-related violence, saying it is usually directed against isolated and vulnerable people in the community, particularly women.

Punaha: Churches to help register rural population

National Information and Communications Technology Authority CEO, Charles Punaha verified that priests, pastors and layman can be used as reputable persons to identify and vouch for members of their congregation at points of registration.

“We are also going to simplify the form of registration so that the pastors can sign and get as many of their parishioners registered.

Churches unite against violence

These pastors are currently in a press conference today in Port Moresby, spelling out the roots of this evil practice and how churches can fight it.

Chairman of Body of Christ, Pastor Joseph Walters says sorcery is a spiritual belief, therefore it must be addressed spiritually.

All pastors are adamant to form a united front to go into spiritual warfare to fight the practice of sorcery and sorcery related accusations and violence.

Churches thanked for their contribution to development

The PNG Council of Churches has seven main line churches and 16 affiliated bodies.

Minister for National Planning Charles Abel thanks all the churches on behalf of the Government as the churches represent the number one partner for Government particularly in education and health.

Abel stressed that the Government relies heavily on churches through education and health which is a fantastic partnership and they’re working to improve this engagement.

Muthuvel aids churches in WNB

Muthuvel said churches play an important role in the society we live in.

In supporting his vision for the churches, Muthuvel recently presented K50, 000 to Turuk Catholic church from the Provincial Services Improvement Programme (PSIP) to renovate their church buildings.

"When the mind and speech unite in earnestly asking for a thing, that prayer is answered.”

“How the saline waters of the ocean, contaminated drains, stagnant lakes from anywhere, evaporates into the above and comes down as rain, it becomes a pure water to drink.”

Churches must criticise politicians: Polye

Polye made the call upon learning that most of the mainstream churches in the country have been silent on issues affecting the country and its leadership.

While speaking to a number of people at a ground breaking ceremony in Mendi, Southern Highlands Province, on Wednesday, he commended Catholic and Lutheran bishops for openly criticising the politicians.

“SDAs and other mainstream churches are silent. These bishops have slammed the government for passing bad laws, undermining rule of law and bad governance.