Pom Nature Park

Saving Wild Life at Nature Park

The day's 2023 theme is "Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation" and is a United Nations International Day.

“Papua New Guinea has some of the most spectacular and unique wildlife in the world, that is found nowhere else. And We are celebrating the strong partnerships with other NGOs around the world such as America's Association of Zoos and Aquariums SAFE campaigns, which stands for saving animals from extinction program, which help us in conserving PNG's unique tree kangaroos- we are thankful for these partnerships," said Dr Adrian Fowler, CEO of the Port Moresby Nature Park.

Over 600 Trees Planted

Team leaders of Active City Youth Development Program, Kathy Kiage and Judy Bomai visited the Nature Park nursery today to collect an additional 320 trees to plant along the Hohola Freeway and Kaugere, after successfully planting more than 600 trees around various sites in the city recently.

Park Awards Kids In Mystery Challenge

Youngsters Matthew Kayver Jnr, Simon Judah Mogi, Samuel Malken and Hebou Aue won prizes for solving the Mystery of the Liklik Fairy by collecting their copy of an activity map in the National Newspaper, and collecting a clue sheet when they presented the activity map to the Park.  

Regina Zozingao, POM Promotions Team Leader from Lae Biscuit Company said the Lae Biscuit Fairies in the Park is one event that the Lae Biscuit Company is proud of sponsoring as it targets children and has been very interactive for their promotions team.

World Environment Day celebrations underway

Because over the years, with urbanisation, many have lost this important connection.

The Port Moresby Nature Park is also recognising the World Environment Day, observed by the United Nations.

The theme for the year is Connecting People in Nature and PNP general manager Michelle McGeroge agrees with it.

“We identify that most people in the world now are living in urban cities and lack that connection with the natural environment. And because they don’t have that connection, they are starting to forget how important the environment is,” she said.

Pom Nature Park to commemorate World Environment Day

With the theme ‘Connecting People through Nature’, the event aims to promote nature conservation.

This will be Nature Park’s fifth year in partnership with BSP to host World Environment Day.

POMNP general manager Michelle McGeorge said this year will be even bigger and better with more than 22 organisations participating.

Organisations including Brian Bell will showcase solar and clean energy, waste products and healthy chemicals, KK Kingston, Eda Ranu, PNG Power and other big organisations will attend.