Trees4Life Initiative

Park’s Kwila Seeds Ready For Transplant

In an update, the Park announced this first batch of seedlings are now ready for transplanting into the natural environment.

Port Moresby Nature Park’s Horticulture Team Leader, Junior Muli said, “From when we first mentioned the successful sowing of the first batch of Kwila seedlings, we’ve received numerous requests for the seedlings; however we had to put those requests on hold in order for the seedlings to be strong enough for transplanting.”

More Green Spaces

In supporting this global call for a carbon-free World, starting with the nation’s capital, Port Moresby Nature Park’s nursery houses hundreds of tree seedlings, ready for planting.

The Park through its Trees4Life initiative supports the nation’s capital by supplying tree seedlings, creating more green spaces for residents to enjoy in the future. Since 2020, the Park has provided over 10,000 tree seedlings for planting around the city.

Over 600 Trees Planted

Team leaders of Active City Youth Development Program, Kathy Kiage and Judy Bomai visited the Nature Park nursery today to collect an additional 320 trees to plant along the Hohola Freeway and Kaugere, after successfully planting more than 600 trees around various sites in the city recently.