Park Awards Kids In Mystery Challenge

Four lucky children are round one winners of solving the Mystery of the Liklik Toti Fairy; a Port Moresby Nature Park and Lae Biscuit Company event.

Youngsters Matthew Kayver Jnr, Simon Judah Mogi, Samuel Malken and Hebou Aue won prizes for solving the Mystery of the Liklik Fairy by collecting their copy of an activity map in the National Newspaper, and collecting a clue sheet when they presented the activity map to the Park.  

Regina Zozingao, POM Promotions Team Leader from Lae Biscuit Company said the Lae Biscuit Fairies in the Park is one event that the Lae Biscuit Company is proud of sponsoring as it targets children and has been very interactive for their promotions team.

“Lae Biscuit Company is a family company, and we love to put smiles on people’s faces. That’s one of the main reasons why we’re very happy to be part of the Fairies in the park event as its naming rights sponsor”, said Zozingao.

The Fairies in the Park event is one of many interactive activities the park uses to engage children and visitors to the park, to learn about wildlife, environment and the conservation efforts.

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