World Environment Day celebrations underway

People are reminded that without the natural environment, they will not exist.

Because over the years, with urbanisation, many have lost this important connection.

The Port Moresby Nature Park is also recognising the World Environment Day, observed by the United Nations.

The theme for the year is Connecting People in Nature and PNP general manager Michelle McGeroge agrees with it.

“We identify that most people in the world now are living in urban cities and lack that connection with the natural environment. And because they don’t have that connection, they are starting to forget how important the environment is,” she said.

The park has over the years joined in on celebrating this day with activities.

This is the fifth, with more than 22 organisations, setting up booths to showcase their products and what they do to save the environment.

“Why this event is successful is because a lot of people are learning how to save money. And at the end of the day, we can save the day and save the planet. So it’s really good to look at products and services that we can utilise that actually help reduce our consumption and also help protect the environment,” McGeorge said.

She also added that World Environment Day is generally the biggest event of POM Nature Park each year.

Between 2500 – 3000 visitors are expected to turn up today.

Another upcoming big event for the park is Pasin Tumbuna Day set for September.

The park will also see its fifth anniversary in two weeks.

Gloria Bauai