Peter O’Neill

Tkatchenko appointed minister responsible for APEC

PM O’Neill said with less than two months remaining before the start of APEC 2018, it is timely for the Minister to resume the portfolio he held before the National Elections.

Responsibility for APEC will be added to the Minister’s current portfolio of Lands and Physical Planning.

"Minister Tkatchenko has substantial experience in the co-ordination of major events at the ministerial level,” the Prime Minister said.

"As minister he oversaw the successful delivery of the Pacific Games and the Pacific Islands Forum.

PM welcomes Basil as state minister

Speaking at Government House on Friday, the Prime Minister said the Leader of Pangu Pati brings a wealth of experience to Cabinet.

“I welcome Minister Basil to Cabinet, and the appointment of two new Vice Ministers, who I know will all make a valuable contribution to the development and implementation of Government policy,” the Prime Minister said.

“Pangu has joined to participate in the management of the affairs of the country and will serve our nation with diligence.”

PM’s ‘dramatic change of mind’ worrying: TIPNG

TIPNG says PM Peter O’Neill effectively acted against his own earlier decision, which in accordance with principles of good governance, was to protect the investigation into the K46m Manumanu land deal by sidelining William Duma and Dr. Fabian Pok until such time as it had been completed.

O’Neill: PNG is ready for the NRL

Following the success of the PNG Hunters on and off the field, PM O’Neill said the case has been strengthen for a Papua New Guinea team to enter the National Rugby League competition.

“On behalf of our nation I again congratulate the PNG Hunters on their historic achievement in Brisbane,” the Prime Minister said.

“The Hunters are truly the pride of our nation.”

The Prime Minister said rugby league is the national sport of Papua New Guinea, and the Hunters win builds the case for a PNG team to be included in the NRL.

​State paid off UBS loan: O’Neill

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the statement on the floor of parliament this morning when replying to questions from Sinasina-Yongamugl MP and Opposition member Kerenga Kua.

“The proceeds of the shares have completely paid off all the UBS loans, all the interest that is outstanding,” said O’Neill.

“There is no further obligation on the part of the State or even the Kumul Petroleum Holdings.”

The PM further stated that there is a residual value of close to K120 million that will be paid to the state and placed in the government’s consolidated revenues.

Smaller nations suffer the consequences: PM

This was the message delivered by the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O’Neill, when addressing the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday in New York. 

“Many of the challenges that confront us today are not of our making, but we bear the consequences of actions by other larger and developed countries,” PM O’Neill said to leaders and delegates from UN Member States. 

“We live in a rapidly globalising world, where many events and influences are beyond national borders. 

Hunters’ win proves critics wrong: PM O’Neill

He said the Government’s investments in building sporting infrastructure in the country, was not wasted but have proven to be successful.

O’Neill made these remarks, when welcoming the SP PNG Hunters this afternoon, at the Jacksons international airport in Port Moresby.

“When we tried to put a team into the Australia’s National Rugby League competition, many critics criticized us, saying we are not fit to play in such tough competition.

He said many times we have been always being criticized and always told that we could not do this and that.

Government to continue to implement reforms

He said working with good investors will be a priority for the government in order to gain the most from our natural resources.

 “We must continue to diversify our economic base and must also keep investing in our people.

“Today, more and more Papua New Guineans are in senior professional and technical positions, and this will continue to expand.

“We will continue to improve education, and to train our people in technical colleges and universities. We will continue to strengthen healthcare in our country so that we have a healthy workforce.”

O’Neill confident in hosting APEC in 2018

Speaking during the flag raising ceremony on the Independence Day O’Neill said our nation will be on display as we host the APEC Summit.

He said by the time of the APEC Leaders’ Summit next year, more than 15,000 APEC delegates will have visited our country.

“We will welcome the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the other 20 APEC countries, representing more than half of global trade.

“This presents unique opportunity for our country.

“We must promote our country to a global audience and the global investment community.

Basil’s move strengthens Alliance: Pruaitch

Opposition Leader, Patrick Pruaitch in a statement said Basil’s decision surprised leaders within the Alliance although the public received early warning through media reports that a crossover was about to happen.

“A formal announcement was delayed allowing for negotiations on the ‘30 pieces of silver’ needed to entice 12 Pangu Pati members across to Government, rather than the initial nine or 10 MPs,” he said.

Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill, currently has 73 MPs in the ruling coalition, giving him the ability to dominate Parliament and to bulldoze through any legislation.