Ombudsman Commission

Watchdog queries deferral of LLG elections

The Ombudsman Commission filed the special constitutional reference in the Supreme Court to find out whether section 34 of the Organic Law on the Provincial and Local Level Government, allows for a deferral of the LLG elections to more than three months. This is after the date of the return of writs for the National General election.

OC files reference on SIM registration

This requires all mobile phone device users in PNG to register their SIM cards.

The Ombudsman Commission filed the special Supreme Court reference on January 31st, 2019.

In 2016 the head of state enacted the SIM card registration regulation, in accordance with the advice of the NEC under section 216 of the National Information and Telecommunication Technology Act 2009.

The SRC Regulation binds all licensed telecommunication service providers and all persons who use SIM cards in PNG.

Kepore sworn in as Accountant Ombudsman

His appointment now completes the Ombudsman Commission’s administrative body, specifically referred to as Members of the Commission.

The Ombudsman Commission should consist of three ombudsman - the Chief Ombudsman who could be of any professional background, an ombudsman with legal and administrative background and an accountant ombudsman.

Since December 2014, the commission was one member short.

An accountant by profession, Kepore was appointed on October 9th, 2018, by the Ombudsman Appointments Committee.

Former finance manager arrested

Geita Doura, 43, of Gabi Village, Hanuabada was arrested on July 6th 2018 and charged with 11 counts of Misappropriation of Funds, totalling K419,927.42

He was further charged with 11 counts of False Pretence, five counts of false accounting and two counts of Money Laundering.

The funds belonged to the Ombudsman Commission of Papua New Guinea.

Doura allegedly committed the offence between March 19th 2012 and August 6th 2014.

OC presents annual reports to GG

The reports cover the years 2014 and 2015. They detail the Ombudsman Commission’s functions and workings, financial reports and recommendations of the Ombudsman Commission.

The reports were presented to the Governor General by Chief Ombudsman Michael Dick.

According to Ombudsman Dick, the Reports detail the achievements and challenges faced by the Commission.

He said one of the achievements of the Ombudsman Commission outlined in the Reports was the construction of eight houses for its senior officers.

OC will file Supreme Court reference

The Commission says it is of the view that a number of the Act’s provisions raise serious constitutional issues.

The Constitutional issues relate to:

Opposition commends OC’s report

Pruaitch said if the Ombudsman had not investigated a 10-year Build-Operate-Lease-Transfer (BOLT) agreement, the National Government would have agreed to pay K981.79 million annually for Government accommodation it planned to build.

Pruaitch claimed that the annual lease payment would have been more than four times the total current office rental paid by Government if the negotiation had gone through.

OC accuses Temu, Kali of ‘wrongful conduct’

The Ombudsman Commission Report titled: “Investigation into alleged improper decision by the Government Office Allocation Committee to engage Central Land Ltd to build a 32-storey Government office complex at Waigani Central in the National Capital District”, stated that both leaders had breached Section 39 and 40 of the Public Finances (Management) Act, 1995 and Part 13, of the Financial Manual.

Issues raised on public money act 2017

After its initial discussion with the Department of Finance, the Commission has further deliberated on the finer aspects of the PMMR Act on whether there are irregularities or sufficient doubt as to the constitutionality of the passing of the PMMR Act, as to warrant the Ombudsman Commission bring questions of constitutional interpretation and application to the Supreme Court under Section 19 of the Constitution*.

VIDEO: Namah says revive charges

Vanimo Green MP, Belden Namah, is calling on the Ombudsman Commission and the Judiciary to revive any civil and criminal charges against all individuals who played a role in the 2011 political impasse.