Local Assists Health Centre

Since it was established, Det Health Centre has not had an upgrade to its medical services until recently. The Health centre serves more than 20,000 people in Poroma and neighbouring villages in Nipa, Southern Highlands Province.

Poroma local, Fiebik Kilip Simon donated oxygen concentrators, beds, delivery bed, patient monitors, vital monitors, nebulizer and other vital medical equipment required for the outpatient.

Policeman charged with murder

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crimes and Commander of the Investigative Task Force (ITF) in Mendi, Hodges Ette, alleged that the defendant, who is a local policeman, negligently and without lawful reasons discharged a firearm resulting in the pellet which ricocheted and caused the death of another person.

The policeman, Constable Moses Snow of Kware village in Nipa, and attached to Nipa Police Station, was arrested and charged for the murder of the youth. The incident occurred last weekend.

Frustrated locals take police vehicles, weapons

According to the PPC, Gideon Kauke, the locals removed two police vehicles and two weapons from the unit.

Gauke, when confirming the incident, says the police personnel were rescued by another unit while their weapons and vehicles were removed.

He says at present they are now regrouping to consider their next course of action.

The PPC would not say how many men were in the cars at the time of the incident, only stating that the locals involved are believed to be upset over the recent decision by the NEC to suspend the Southern Highlands Provincial Government.