Policeman apologises to victim

Last week, the Waigani National Court, through Justice George Manuhu, found Philip Bomal guilty of causing serious injuries to Francis Essy at the Manu Service Station in 2014. Essy was a former lecturer in the University of PNG’s School of Business and Administration.

Today, Bomal was asked if he wanted to say in light of the court’s verdict. His first remark was to apologise to his victim and his victim’s family, some of whom were present in the courtroom.

“Mi laik tok sorry lo femily bilong Francis Essy,” he stated.

Policeman fined for unlawfully discharging firearm

Constable Walter Paijo attached to the Laloki Police Post was convicted by the Boroko District Court on February 11, 2019.

On December 2018, Constable Walter Paijo unlawfully discharged a high powered rifle at the Ilimo Elementary School, on the outskirts of Port Moresby.

A complaint was lodged with the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT) and he was arrested and charged under Section 59(2) of the Firearms Act Chapter 310.

Policeman dismissed over alleged wife bashing

The policeman, Constable Andy Kaivi, was arrested and charged under Section 20 of the Family Protection Act after his wife, who is also a policewoman, reported that he had been constantly harassing, abusing, threatening and assaulting her.

Kaivi was alleged to have assaulted his wife on December 7 last year at about 7am at the Red Sea Police barracks at Bomana.

Police allege Kaivi, aged 34 from Wosera-Gawi, East Sepik Province, committed this offence whilst he was under the influence of alcohol.

Policeman charged with murder

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Crimes and Commander of the Investigative Task Force (ITF) in Mendi, Hodges Ette, alleged that the defendant, who is a local policeman, negligently and without lawful reasons discharged a firearm resulting in the pellet which ricocheted and caused the death of another person.

The policeman, Constable Moses Snow of Kware village in Nipa, and attached to Nipa Police Station, was arrested and charged for the murder of the youth. The incident occurred last weekend.

Madang man convicted for killing policeman

Jeremmie Iko from Giri village, Bogia, Madang Province was found guilty by Justice George Manuhu last week for assaulting a policeman in his sleep.

The assault resulted in the rupturing of the policeman’s spleen, causing his death.

The court found that Iko on April 12, 2012 at East Boroko attacked the officer who was sleeping while he was under the influence of alcohol.

The court found the victim had owed Iko some money and the attack was in relation to the debt.

Manuhu said both the victim and Iko met while living in Kimbe.