Legal Training Institute (LTI)

Legal Trainees Complete TIPNG Placement

The three trainees spent two weeks with TIPNG, learning key skills including client management, case management, document control, legal briefs and clerical skills.

“The LTI is a key partner with TIPNG as they share our vision to ensure legal professionals in Papua New Guinea are informed and empowered to take action against corruption. This was the first instance of trainees from LTI doing their work placement with TIPNG under a recently signed partnership agreement.

LTI gets new acting director

Paranda has earned the respect of her peers being a senior instructor and has contributed to the management of LTI for several years.

She takes the interim post after the term of the previous director, Pauline Mogish, expired.

The Legal Training Institute is the only institution in PNG that administers legal training for upcoming lawyers in preparation for admission to the bar as lawyers.

The Prime Minister, while making the announcement, said he has confidence in her to lead in the development of upcoming lawyers of the country.

Future lawyers receive training in commercial law

Seventy-eight students, including 34 women, from the Legal Training Institute (LTI) were given instruction in key areas of commercial law during the four-day workshop, including how to apply for court injunctions and how to prepare for trial and mediate on commercial law cases. 

The workshop was developed and led by a team of 11 judges and lawyers from the Queensland Bar Association in consultation with LTI staff.

Law graduates enhance skills through training

This was made possible through a special partnership between the Legal Training Institute (LTI), the Bar Association of Queensland and the Australian Government.

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the Queensland Bar have volunteered their time and experience to training law graduates. 

The students practiced their commercial litigation and advocacy skills with 13 Australian barristers in a series of workshops, led by Justice John Logan of the Federal Court of Australia.