Compulsory retirement age for judges is 72

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Pila Niningi clarified that age at retirement, it is not possible for a judge to secure another gainful employment after retirement but relies solely on their pension salary on retirement which is already taxed by half.

“Other allowances and fringe benefits payable to a judge ceases upon retirement,” he said.

In addition, Niningi clarified that the current medical scheme for judges does not extend to retirement leaving the judges without adequate medical cover on retirement.

Gov’t plans to improve benefits for Judges

Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Pila Niningi in a statement made this announcement saying the current pension scheme under the Judges Pension Act 1997 is inadequate.

“We will amend the Income Tax Act to have the judges exempted from paying personal tax on their pension. We will also be considering some other fringe benefits as well for judges on retirement.

“Currently, only Members of Parliament are exempted from paying tax on their pension upon retirement, I would like to see the same for the judges as well.

Colonial laws under review

Acting Secretary of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, Dorothy Mimiko-Kesenga, made these remarks when receiving the customs recording project report from the School of Law at UPNG.

The Constitutional and Law Reform Commission is currently reviewing, or assisting, in the review of some of these outdated laws which number about 370, including laws on drugs and alcohol, civil and identity registry and city planning, among other legislations.

Lae police prepare for festive period

Anthony Wagambie Jnr says they have already started the pre-festive season operations.

The Lae police boss has given residents the assurance that his team will be out in full force during the Christmas and New Year period.  

“They should expect to see police all over the place, we’ll have them positioned in all parts of the city,” he said.

“And I encourage the public to make use of our toll free number – 7090 3300 – to call police if they see anything happening, or anything about to happen, or if they feel unsafe.

Future lawyers receive training in commercial law

Seventy-eight students, including 34 women, from the Legal Training Institute (LTI) were given instruction in key areas of commercial law during the four-day workshop, including how to apply for court injunctions and how to prepare for trial and mediate on commercial law cases. 

The workshop was developed and led by a team of 11 judges and lawyers from the Queensland Bar Association in consultation with LTI staff.

Loop breakfast bites

Haiveta responds to leadership tribunal statement

Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta has expressed disappointment over comments by Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Davis Steven, that he may still answer to a leadership tribunal over a decade ago.

48-hour ultimatum from people of Madang


20 female trainees graduate at LTI

Among the 64 graduates were 7 Solomon Islands students as well.

LTI Director, Mrs Pauline Mogish, says initially there were to be 73 graduands but the remaining 9 are yet to complete their training.

The graduates will be admitted to the bar this Friday.

'Upskirting': It happened to me

But she was amazed to discover that there is no specific law against "upskirting" in most of the UK - only in Scotland. After the police closed her case, Gina began a petition to get it reopened, and now she is lobbying for a change in the law.

Martin's article about her experience struck a chord with many of you. We asked readers to tell us if they had been the victim of upskirting, and whether the perpetrator was punished. Here are some of your stories - names have been changed.

"I was at the bus stop"

​Review: This week in court

While polling is ongoing and counting started in some areas around the country, it was business as usual for the courts.

On Thursday, a 25-year-old man from Tsak valley, Wapenamanda, Enga Province, appeared before the Waigani Committal Court after he was arrested for multiple voting.

Erik Pps was brought to court where his charges were read and explained to him after he was caught for voting three times on Friday, June 30.

He was caught at the Five-Mile Ridge polling booths in NCD around 2pm.

Sir Mekere calls on Baki to ease tensions

 Sir Mekere said Baki must ease the tensions he and O’Neill have created.

“Baki, like the Prime Minister, should comply with the law.

“He should comply with the legitimate orders of the National and Supreme Courts, and that means reinstating Damaru and his colleagues to their positions in the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate and enabling them to recommence their investigations.