Pauline Mogish

20 female trainees graduate at LTI

Among the 64 graduates were 7 Solomon Islands students as well.

LTI Director, Mrs Pauline Mogish, says initially there were to be 73 graduands but the remaining 9 are yet to complete their training.

The graduates will be admitted to the bar this Friday.

Challenges of being a busy lawyer

The Legal Training Institute Director, Mrs Pauline Mogish, told graduates this morning at the 12th graduation ceremony to be positive and focus on the basics.

She outlined for graduates to remember the 5 Ps: "Proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

Mogish highlighted the need for graduates to note that as long as they are mindful of the simple basics of their training and keep to the simple proper aspects of their professional life, they will go far.

64 trainee lawyers to graduate

The theme for this 12th graduation ceremony is ‘Knowledge and skills but with correct attitudes’.

In her welcoming remarks, LTI director, Mrs Pauline Mogish, challenged the graduates to take the theme to heart and help them establish a good life.

She said coming from a rich hospitable culture, they need to be mindful of the type of attitude they have.

She added they the legal profession demands a positive attitude.

“How long you set the course of your profession will depend on your correct attitude to life and enable you to prosper in life," she challenged.

Law graduates enhance skills through training

This was made possible through a special partnership between the Legal Training Institute (LTI), the Bar Association of Queensland and the Australian Government.

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the Queensland Bar have volunteered their time and experience to training law graduates. 

The students practiced their commercial litigation and advocacy skills with 13 Australian barristers in a series of workshops, led by Justice John Logan of the Federal Court of Australia.