Henry Mokono

Supreme Court refuses Mokono’s appeal

Single man presiding Judge Justice Derek Hartshorn refused to grant stay orders after he was not convinced by Mr. Mokono’s “arguable grounds” presented by his lawyer, Wesley Bigi of Henao Lawyers.

However, Justice Hartshorn acknowledged the appeal by Mr Mokono that will come before the Supreme Court for substantive hearing on a date soon to be set. 

Saraga-Bautama water pipeline to be commissioned

Eda Ranu managing director, Henry Mokono, says he has informed his team to ensure the pipeline is operating as of this month.

The commissioning of the pipeline will ensure homes and businesses along the Sir Reuben Taureka Highway are able to access water.

The Saraga to Bautama pipeline was planned to be commissioned during the official opening of the Highway last year however, it was delayed.

Mokono said he has given instructions for the commissioning to be made this month.

Over K1bn needed for new sewerage facility

Eda Ranu managing director, Henry Mokono, said it was a long term plan to have a similar facility to the Joyce Bay JICA backed project, however, funding is a major concern.

Mokono said while they still want to maintain the current facility, the ongoing developments around the facility are prompting the need for an upgrade.

Mokono said the state company is trying as much as possible to maintain the current facility as it is cheaper to operate and is one of the best methods to deal with sewerage waste globally.

Residents urged not to fish in treatment ponds

Eda Ranu managing director, Henry Mokono, said it’s been a common practise and wants it to stop.

He made the comments during the commissioning of the Sewerage Treatment Facility at Morata.

Mokono said the treatment facility contained toxic waste by-products which are poisonous and harmful, making the fish inedible.

He added some of the fish were also sold at markets or on the street. 

“The fish in here they are not safe to eat. Although we got thousands of fish right now in that secondary pond, I’m told that all the waste is too much.

Government entities yet to pay Eda Ranu

Eda Ranu CEO Henry Mokono when presenting a dividend of K2 million to Kumul Consolidated Holdings on Wednesday said the amount would have been much greater, considering massive amounts of money still owed by government agencies for water and sewerage services.

“We have yet to collect hefty amounts owing from other government entities.

“The three disciplinary forces; Police, CIS and Defence alone owe us in excess of K30 million, followed by other state departments and agencies.

“We have a total debt level of monies owed in excess of K50 million”, he said.

Mokono calls for understanding into NHC boss’ resignation

Mokono was responding to a comment on Loop PNG story by one Donald Asibo who claims that Dege’s resignation was planned and Mokono had a part to play in that plan.

However, a frustrated Mokono told Loop PNG that Asibo’s claims were full of ‘rubbish’ and lack evidence.

“For him to publicly state that I have a personal link with J. Dege is utter trash and I don't eat out of the same plate with him.

“Wild allegations such as his will tarnish our reputation forever,” Mokono said.

NHC boss throws in resignation effective Oct 20

Interim Chairman of the board of the NHC Henry Mokono told Loop PNG that the board has accepted Dege’s resignation.

“My board met in August in Lae and accepted his resignation as the acting MD of the NHC.

“His resignation will lapse on the 20th October, and thereafter, will relinquish his position,” Mokono said.

We are not part of the unions, says Eda Ranu

In a press conference this afternoon, Eda Ranu CEO Henry Mokono said Eda Ranu will not be part of the union calling on Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to step down.

He said his board and management are intact and cannot be lured to such rumours or gossips from the union.

Mokono said Eda Ranu will focus on their main responsibility and that is to supply water to residents in the city.

A group of senior professional staff from various unions met yesterday and gave the 48-hour ultimatum to PM to step down.

Consumers owe Eda Ranu K53 million

The State-owned water supplier is the sole distributor of treated water to residents in Port Moresby and parts of Central Province.   

Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono revealed that the outstanding debt dates to March 31, 2016.

In a media conference flanked by his top managers, Mokono appealed to defaulters to pay up.   

“Our appeal, especially to the Government departments and disciplinary forces, is to meet their obligations. We need these funds to provide quality services to the community.”

Eda Ranu stops water rationing exercise in NCD

Eda Ranu chief executive officer Henry Mokono revealed this during a media conference this morning.

“With the improvement at the dam level, our water rationing will be uplifted as of today and normal (water) supply will continue in Port Moresby. 

“Normal water will be restored to everyone on 24 hours basis.”

Mokono said the state owned water supplier will uplift the water rationing for two months as a trial and changes will be made depending on the weather pattern and dam water level.