Saraga-Bautama water pipeline to be commissioned

The Saraga to Bautama water pipeline is expected to be commissioned this month.

Eda Ranu managing director, Henry Mokono, says he has informed his team to ensure the pipeline is operating as of this month.

The commissioning of the pipeline will ensure homes and businesses along the Sir Reuben Taureka Highway are able to access water.

The Saraga to Bautama pipeline was planned to be commissioned during the official opening of the Highway last year however, it was delayed.

Mokono said he has given instructions for the commissioning to be made this month.

Much of the land along the highway still remains customary and without the necessary requirements for water to be established in individual homes.

Eda Ranu has come up with a memorandum of understanding (MoU) arrangement so that clusters of homes can have access to water.

“In the communities and settlements it’s very hard. And most of it is very hard to get the payments paid,” stated Mokono.

“So we have them get organised in the communities and then they have the water communities set up, and then there’s a certain amount of money we allocate for them to pay on a monthly basis. A minimal of K20-K30 per house within those communities.”

There has also been a surge in business activity along the highway and Eda Ranu aims to tap into this opportunity as well.

“There are some businesses currently developing their infrastructure; there’s a fuel station coming up and a warehouse being built.

“They will have metres installed into those places. Although they are customary land, there is development and so much investment put into it.

“And there are a couple of houses along the highway which are permanent homes, we will make sure they have metres installed if they want water,” said Mokono.

Cedric Patjole