We are not part of the unions, says Eda Ranu

In a press conference this afternoon, Eda Ranu CEO Henry Mokono said Eda Ranu will not be part of the union calling on Prime Minister Peter O'Neill to step down.

He said his board and management are intact and cannot be lured to such rumours or gossips from the union.

Mokono said Eda Ranu will focus on their main responsibility and that is to supply water to residents in the city.

A group of senior professional staff from various unions met yesterday and gave the 48-hour ultimatum to PM to step down.

Telikom union calls for dialogue

The Workers Union is in disagreement with its management in its plan to introduce the ‘spill and fill’ concept, which is a new employment policy for the state-owned communication company.

“Main target for ‘spill and fill’ is to recruit young graduates and make redundant many experienced Telikom employees,” claimed Mamtirim.     

“The Telikom management only attended one sitting from the three endorsed by the labour office.

 “The compulsory conference is temporarily on hold.