Enga Provincial Police Commander

Enga police directed to effect arrests

While petty crimes are not an issue in Enga, guerilla warfare is, hence his effort to clamp down on high-powered firearms.

Speaking to media during the recent visit of Australian High Commissioner, Jonathan Philp, the Enga Provincial Police Commander, Epenes Nili, said while the province is generally trouble-free, a number of tribal clashes have disrupted the peace.

Enga PPC condemns attack on officer

The incident on February 28th saw a police officer get attacked by a known criminal around 8:30am at Paiyam in the Porgera Valley, when he was returning to the police barracks in the company of four other officers.

The attacker had intentions of inflicting serious wounds on the officer, who sustained two deep knife wounds to his head while and his right hand was completely slashed off.

The Enga PPC condemned the attack, alleging it was done in retaliation to an incident from 2015.

Clansmen hand over murder suspect

Enga Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop, welcomed the actions of the community in handing over the suspect involved in the killing of a senior primary school teacher, the late Ben Aipo.

The 23-year-old suspect and victim were both from the Malowan Tribe in Laiagam.

Both had been drinking on Mapumanda village on New Year’s Eve when the suspect slashed the deceased with a bush knife following an alleged argument over beer.

The deceased was rushed to the Wabag General Hospital but unfortunately, died due to loss of blood.

Man charged over Enga mass killing

Enga Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop, said the 65 year old from Aiyaka village has appeared in court and is now in CS custody.

Yak Kegai, aged 65 of Aiyaka village in Laiagam district, was being charged with one count of wilful murder.

He appeared at the Wabag District Court last week where he was arraigned and is now remanded at Baisu Prison Camp, WHP, awaiting his next hearing when court resumes in January 2019.

Road tragedy claims eight

The fatal accident occurred on November 10th at about 5:30am at Yaibos road Highway 14, along the Okuk Highway in Highlands.

It was alleged that a Kenworth semitrailer, owned by Pebesons Mini Trading Ltd in Southern Highlands Province, was reportedly travelling from Mt. Hagen, WHP, to Porgera loaded with goods for PJV.

Enga provincial police commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph T. Tondop, said the other vehicle, Isuzu dump truck, was travelling from Wabag towards Wapenamanda carrying 11 passengers.

Kakas toughens stance on road block issue

Enga provincial police commander, George Kakas has suspended a policeman attached with the Mobile Squad 11 who was allegedly involved in a recent shooting incident that has led to the road blockage situation in the area.

Kakas has also suspended the Squad commander of MS 11 after he had defied instructions to disarm and bring the suspect to be processed over a week ago.

PPC Kakas has further warned the leaders of the Kii tribe that they have now become fugitives from the law.

​Police want stolen firearm returned

The firearm was stolen after a task force officer was found passed out in one of the residential areas in Teremanda.

PPC George Kakas says this action is a criminal offence and if this police issued firearm is not returned soon, they will carry out a search on the village and arrest whoever is in possession of it.

The PPC is also calling on leaders of the tribe to be mindful and ensure that this matter is taken care of immediately.

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