George Kakas

Tribal fighting erupts again

Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, said the fighting subsided last Wednesday when Enga’s Mobile Squad (MS11) withdrew from Southern Highlands with a section of military personnel stationed at strategic locations on the border of the two warring tribes. 

On Monday, the peace and good order committee, escorted by police, visited both tribes to foster peace agreements, but one tribe refused.

This morning, PPC Kakas said fighting erupted again with the Kii tribe launching an attack on the Kala tribe.

Kakas toughens stance on road block issue

Enga provincial police commander, George Kakas has suspended a policeman attached with the Mobile Squad 11 who was allegedly involved in a recent shooting incident that has led to the road blockage situation in the area.

Kakas has also suspended the Squad commander of MS 11 after he had defied instructions to disarm and bring the suspect to be processed over a week ago.

PPC Kakas has further warned the leaders of the Kii tribe that they have now become fugitives from the law.

Kandep Recount Set for Thursday

Electoral Commissioner, Patilus Gamato confirmed his officers are already in Wabag town.

Counting couldn’t start today as planned, because the team was looking for a counting venue.

Gamato said they have already secured a location at a primary school.

Counting usually takes up to two weeks, but Gamato says they hope to complete it within 10 to 12 days.

Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas, says the people of Kandep have started flocking into Wabag town for the re-count.