Epenes Nili

Enga police directed to effect arrests

While petty crimes are not an issue in Enga, guerilla warfare is, hence his effort to clamp down on high-powered firearms.

Speaking to media during the recent visit of Australian High Commissioner, Jonathan Philp, the Enga Provincial Police Commander, Epenes Nili, said while the province is generally trouble-free, a number of tribal clashes have disrupted the peace.

Enga police on child’s brutal torture

The girl, thought to be six years old, had accompanied her father to Tukusanda village when rumours of sanguma started going around. And because her mother was the late Leniata Kepari, who was burnt alive in 2013 in Mt Hagen due to sorcery accusations, all eyes fell on the little girl.

“When the villagers learnt that she was Leniata’s daughter, they presumed that she may have possessed the sanguma spirit,” Enga’s acting provincial police commander, Epenes Nili, tells Loop PNG.