Enga PPC condemns attack on officer

The recent attack by thugs on an Engan-based police officer in the Porgera Valley has been condemned by Enga Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop.

The incident on February 28th saw a police officer get attacked by a known criminal around 8:30am at Paiyam in the Porgera Valley, when he was returning to the police barracks in the company of four other officers.

The attacker had intentions of inflicting serious wounds on the officer, who sustained two deep knife wounds to his head while and his right hand was completely slashed off.

The Enga PPC condemned the attack, alleging it was done in retaliation to an incident from 2015.

He said the personal issue should have been brought to the attention of concerned authorities to be addressed properly.

The community in Porgera valley has been asked to bring the known suspect to police.

Chief Supt Tondop reiterated that attacking a police officer in a brutal manner reflects serious law and order situation in the district and such behaviour is unacceptable.

He appealed to the key stakeholders, including community leaders, team leaders and Porgera Development Authority to work together with police to stabilise communities in the district.

Sally Pokiton