Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop

Tondop reinstated

Commissioner Manning was in Mt Hagen to assess the highlands region security preparations for the 2022 National General Election. Mr Manning said the reinstatement of Mr Tondop is in the best interest of the Constabulary and the nation during this time that needs good leadership and stability. 

“We have a duty to serve the people and it needs a collective effort from all of us. Therefore, I want to officially announce that Mr Tondop is now reinstated as the Deputy Commander Highland Eastern-end.

Youths in custody over 18yo’s rape

Police say six men were involved in the incident. Two of those suspects are still on the run after relatives handed over the four, allegedly involved in the pack rape, to police.

The incident occurred early this month at Wanimas village in Tsak valley.

Police say the 18-year-old victim was accompanied by her cousin brother to the toilet. They were ambushed by six men near a coffee garden, where she was abducted and taken to a house where they allegedly took turns raping her for over seven hours.

Enga PPC condemns attack on officer

The incident on February 28th saw a police officer get attacked by a known criminal around 8:30am at Paiyam in the Porgera Valley, when he was returning to the police barracks in the company of four other officers.

The attacker had intentions of inflicting serious wounds on the officer, who sustained two deep knife wounds to his head while and his right hand was completely slashed off.

The Enga PPC condemned the attack, alleging it was done in retaliation to an incident from 2015.

Clansmen hand over murder suspect

Enga Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop, welcomed the actions of the community in handing over the suspect involved in the killing of a senior primary school teacher, the late Ben Aipo.

The 23-year-old suspect and victim were both from the Malowan Tribe in Laiagam.

Both had been drinking on Mapumanda village on New Year’s Eve when the suspect slashed the deceased with a bush knife following an alleged argument over beer.

The deceased was rushed to the Wabag General Hospital but unfortunately, died due to loss of blood.

Law enforcers urged to maintain discipline amid tensions

With a lot of law and order issues, especially from tribal fighting taking place in the province, PPC Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop said this festive season has been challenging.

Enga province has had its fair share of law and order issues, from mass killings to ethnic violent tensions, and now issues near the Porgera gold mine area, where illegal miners threaten workers’ safety.

Rise in illegal miners

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop, highlighted this after he paid a special Christmas visit to security operations in the mine areas, saying this is posing a threat to workers’ safety.

Reports of rape incidents, home brewing, murder and break-and-entering into company premises, is frequenting the surrounding mine area at Pogera Gold Mine.

According to PPC Tondop’s security assessment, these serious issues are likely to affect mining operations as illegal mining activities increase.

‘No tribal fighting’ declaration

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph Tondop, says the launch of the program to address law and order issues in the province will be held on November 30.

PPC Tondop since taking over the Enga post in July has held three Police Community Consultative meetings in Wabag over the status of law and order issues in the province.

Tribal fighting, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS and all forms of violence against women and children were highlighted by the PPC as issues hindering the progress of the province.