Freight Train and Truck Collision in Katherine - Witnesses Describe Dramatic Scene

The collision resulted in significant damage and injuries, but fortunately, no fatalities were reported. As recovery efforts begin, rail operator Aurizon expects rail services to resume by late Saturday. Investigations are underway to determine the cause of the collision.

Several injured in Sunday morning collision

Residents rushed out from their homes after hearing a loud crash at the bus stop to find out that a small Toyota Mark X, coming from the direction of Gordon’s Secondary School, had crossed lanes and plowed right into a 25-seater bus.

Driver of the PMV bus, Dot Kukun, said he slowed down when he saw the speeding vehicle. Before he knew it, the mid-sized sedan had crashed right into them, with their side windows shattering from the impact and the hood and bumpers of both vehicles crumpling in.  

Road tragedy claims eight

The fatal accident occurred on November 10th at about 5:30am at Yaibos road Highway 14, along the Okuk Highway in Highlands.

It was alleged that a Kenworth semitrailer, owned by Pebesons Mini Trading Ltd in Southern Highlands Province, was reportedly travelling from Mt. Hagen, WHP, to Porgera loaded with goods for PJV.

Enga provincial police commander, Chief Superintendent Joseph T. Tondop, said the other vehicle, Isuzu dump truck, was travelling from Wabag towards Wapenamanda carrying 11 passengers.

Reckless driving leads to head-on collision

A head-on collision between two 25-seaters occurred at Mahuru yesterday, and at least 5 people were injured.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident, which occurred at around 1.53pm, was caused by a speeding bus 10 that was heading towards Sabama.

15-year-old Butubu Nigani was crossing the road when the two buses collided right in front of her.

She said the white and green bus heading towards Sabama tried to overtake a vehicle in front of it when it blindly crashed into another bus 10 PMV in the oncoming lane.

Nasty Lae accident leaves 2 dead

This time the accident occurred on the newly-completed freeway at Eight-Mile.

The collision was between a Hornibrook NGI truck and PMV bus, both full of passengers.

Police say the accident occurred when the Hornibrook truck, whilst travelling into Lae, ran off its lane, skipped over the pavement separating the lanes on the freeway and plunged into the oncoming PMV bus.

The PMV bus was heading to Nadzab.

Police Traffic attended to the scene.

Markham collision: Lae MP sends sympathies

The MP says while road conditions are often responsible for road accidents, it is avoidable if drivers are careful.

He says it’s about drivers driving safely, carefully and within the speed limits.

With sketchy facts, the MP did not want to comment further.

The road accident on Saturday caused 7 deaths and 21 injuries, with 4 people still admitted at the hospital and 1 in critical condition.

It was the result of a collision between a 15-seater PMV bus and a five door vehicle travelling up to Nadzab.

Nadzab collision: 7 deaths confirmed

The deceased were four passengers on the 15-seater PMV bus and three from the five door LandCruiser, including an infant.

Graphic pictures of this fatal accident on Saturday morning were taken by onlookers and posted online, showing many injured persons and other passengers trapped in the vehicles.

Morobe PPC Augustine Wampe said the reports of the total number of injured and people involved in this accident in the early hours of January 13 are yet to be confirmed.

Several dead in nasty Markham collision

Morobe Provincial Police Commander, Augustine Wampe confirmed the accident happened this morning.

Around 7 people have reportedly died after a 15-seater PMV bus collided with a five door vehicle travelling up to Nadzab.

PPC Wampe says details of the accident are sketchy at the moment but he will reveal specifics later on in the day.  

He says he is still waiting for the full report from the Highway Patrol unit that responded to the accident.  

(A picture from witnesses showing the crumpled up 15-seater bus with a few victims still inside)

Baby involved in accident

A vehicle crashed head on with a PMV truck, Sunamist, that was travelling to Rigo, Central Province.

Reports stated that the truck hit the smaller vehicle while it was trying to avoid a pothole.

According to the driver of the Camry, he was rushing his wife to the hospital when he tried to avoid the larger truck.

Unfortunately, he turned too late, resulting in the truck crashing into them.