Easter Weekend

Peaceful Easter Weekend, Except for Daru

Dr. Mitna reported that most police commands remained calm, with only a few isolated incidents occurring, which were manageable.

However, there was one unfortunate incident in Daru, Western Province, where a 20-year-old male named David Kowani Miki died under suspicious circumstances while out at sea with members of the PNG Defence Force. This led to looting and damaging of public properties by angry relatives and opportunists in the township. Local police responded quickly and contained the situation. The police are currently investigating the death.

Elevala commemorate Crucifixion

These young people felt it important to remind their peers of the meaning of Easter, and celebrate the life of Jesus.

Each year different clans take lead in presenting the story of the Passover to the Crucifixion.

This year it was the Pore, Tanobada and Kuriu clans, or the PTK.

The actors fasted and prayed for three days before putting up the drama.

Interestingly, Jamie Valu, the young man who played the character ‘Jesus’, had acted as ‘baby Jesus’ during a Christmas celebration 19 years ago.

Holy Week and Easter Celebrations

     Corona virus. 

Cardinal Ribat urged people to adhere to the protocols put in place for the good and wellbeing of everyone.

“Our liturgical celebration during the Holy Week, starting on Palm Sunday (28th March) and the Easter Triduum will not be celebrated as usual, with the following control measures to be observed:

POM softball names men’s squads for national champs

POM Melonas; Ansolom Bunbun, Consie Bais, Nerius Kua (Bears) Tony Williams, Ora Gimi, Dick Bart, Gerald Pokanau (Anti Pest United Brothers) Danny Tovia, Isikiel Tovia, Demas Tovia (PNG Power) Colin Mangot, Paul Bogan, Mika Zale (Lamana Yokomo) Consie Lumaris, Colish Pagal (Brown Eagles) Kepas Mormor (Defence) Jonty Malum (Saints) and Junior Totil (Gazelle).

Buluminski cycling event set for Easter weekend

The event is organised by the Lihir Triathlon Club and includes distances of 69km on Day one, 96km on Day two and 98km Day three.

The Buluminski Highway is sealed all the way except for a section of 28km after the first 41km.

Day one event on Thursday, April 13 is a mixture of dirt and sealed road.

Day two scheduled on Friday, April 14 will see participants cycle on a 96km sealed road.

The final day on Saturday, April 15 participants will also cycle on a 98km sealed road.