Port Moresby Men’s Softball Association

POM Men’s Softball awards for 2016-17 season

A Grade:

Season awards: Top Outfielder-Michael Avosa, Top Infielder- Dick Bart Jr, Top Batter- Kepas Mormor, Top Pitcher- Clifford Kouse, Best and Fairest- Daniel Tovia.

Grand final awards: Top Outfielder-Taki Zale, Top Infielder- Eddie Simba, Top Batter- Michael Parom, Top Pitcher- Daniel Tovia, Best and Fairest- Michael Parom.

First place- PNG Power, Runners-up- Yokomo, Minor Premiers-Yokomo.

B Grade:

POM softball names men’s squads for national champs

POM Melonas; Ansolom Bunbun, Consie Bais, Nerius Kua (Bears) Tony Williams, Ora Gimi, Dick Bart, Gerald Pokanau (Anti Pest United Brothers) Danny Tovia, Isikiel Tovia, Demas Tovia (PNG Power) Colin Mangot, Paul Bogan, Mika Zale (Lamana Yokomo) Consie Lumaris, Colish Pagal (Brown Eagles) Kepas Mormor (Defence) Jonty Malum (Saints) and Junior Totil (Gazelle).

Week three of POM Men’s softball completed

In the A grade, a young Defence outfit shot down Gazelle with a 13-6 win while PNG Power settled for a 5-5 draw against Manolos.

For the games after lunch, Brown Eagles soared high over defending champions Yokomo winning 6-3.

The main game of the day on diamond one saw Bears edge out Saints 3-2.

In the B-grade division games across on diamond two, PNG Power def. Manolos 18-8, Brown Eagles def. Yokomo 9-3, Bears def. Saints 8-7 and Gazelle def. Defence 11-10.


POM men’s softball completes week two

In today’s games on diamond one, Gazelle def. Saints 10-0, Defence drew with Brown Eagles 0-0, United Brothers def. Gazelle 10-0, and Saints def. Brown Eagles 3-1.

To diamond two, PNG Power def. Bears 7-5 and Yokomo def. Manta Rays 8-3.

Finals for the pre-season will take place on November 6.

Season proper games for the POMSA will start straight after.

POM men’s softball enters week two

Games to watch on diamond one will be the battle between Gazelle and newcomers to the competition, Saints, at 10.15am.

The main game of the day should be a thriller with two quality sides in United Brothers and Defence. This game is scheduled for 3.15pm.

Across on diamond two, there will be the showdown between the Bears and PNG Power at 11.30am, and the David and Goliath battle between the defending champions, Yokomo and Manta Rays, for the main game.

There are two weekends of pre-season games left. Finals for the pre-season will take place on November 6.

POM men’s softball starts pre-season games

In today’s games, Bears def. Manta Rays 4-2, PNG Power def. Manta Rays 8-1, Brown Eagles def. Gazelle 2-1, United Brothers def. Saints 7-4 and Gazelle drew with Defence 2-2.

Port Moresby Men’s Softball Association President, Tony Daple, says there will be two more weekends of pre-season games before the finals on November 6.

Daple also wished all the clubs participating in this year's competition good luck adding that the 2016/17 season will be much bigger and better.