Dr Eric Kwa

Marape Remains PM: Dr Kwa

The Attorney General made these statements to correct a misstatement that was made yesterday regarding the PM’s position.

“The Prime Minister, under Section 147 of the Constitution remains in office until Parliament elects a new Prime Minister.

“There is no vacuum in terms of the Office of the Prime Minister at the moment until next week Tuesday,” he said.

James Marape remains the Prime Minister until next week Tuesday, 9th August, when the 11th Parliament resumes.


Citizens Urged To Utilize Courts

In a press conference on Monday 25 July, Dr Kwa said, “Those who are not happy with the results please the law is there for you. Nogat man i passim law lo you. You can still take your disputes to the court of disputed returns.”

Dr Kwa acknowledged that there will be a lot of frustrations expressed by those running in the elections, however, there can only be one winner.

The Attorney General also encouraged citizens who are supporters of candidates to not take the law into their own hands.

Dr Kwa Calls for Access to Ocean Fund

He made this known during a panel session last Wednesday, June 29, themed Bridge the Blue Finance Gap, in which he participated.

The panel discussed financing sustainable ocean-based economies in emerging markets, especially in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) solutions across the investment continuum.

Dr Kwa Happy With UN Recommendations

He said he was pleased Mr Guterres captured all the impacts our oceans face, globally and offered recommendations.

 These recommendations include:

Entrepreneur welcomes e-commerce bill

Christopher Vagalia, CEO of Agri-Tech Organics and Director of REEL PNG, said through this bill, entrepreneurs in the country will be given the opportunity to move efficiently into the future.

The e-commerce industry has evolved exponentially in the past couple of years with many Papua New Guineans now trading within the electronic space.

Businesses are now being transformed by business technology and e-commerce.

Justice dept stresses on integrity

Speaking at the contract signing of 31 senior national contract officers, he reaffirmed the department’s support of the government’s stance against corruption.

Secretary Dr Kwa said: “The department is a law office – as you are signing your contracts today you are signing your integrity to this document – that you will be a man or woman of integrity which means a person who applies the rule of law.

Legal partnership strengthened

This was sealed by Australian Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) Secretary Chris Moraitis and PNG Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, signing a refreshed memorandum of understanding between their institutions on July 2nd.

The institutional partnership between AGD and DJAG was formalised in 2017 and builds on many years of Australian support. Through the partnership, AGD and DJAG have worked collaboratively to progress important legal reforms, build core legal skills and strengthen organisational governance.

Rule of law to be improved

This is being done by increasing the number of judicial appointments through the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC).

Secretary for the Department of Justice & Attorney General, Dr Eric Kwa, said this during the Ceremonial Sitting of the Supreme Court to welcome the Deputy Chief Justice, Ambeng Kandakasi, and permanent Judge to the Supreme and National Courts, Justice Nicholas Miviri.

He said the O’Neill-Abel Government is committed to ensure the justice system is working to create a conducive environment for economic growth.

What’s the best way to get women into Parlt?

During the recent APEC Discussion Series at the Precinct entitled, ‘Women in Leadership’, the Commission’s secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, said his office has received the directive from PNG’s head of state.

The Constitutional and Law Reform Commission is interested in what PNG’s citizens think is the best way to get women into parliament.

For the first time in 25 years (since the 1992 election), no female has made up the 10th parliament, in spite of more female candidates being nominated for 2017 elections than ever before.

Nation urged to contribute to electoral review

Secretary of the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, Dr Eric Kwa, said this during the 54th Medical Symposium in Madang Province.

“I want to hear from doctors, if there are thousand doctors and medical practitioners being registered today, can I have a thousand voices from you because we have been talking to the ordinary Papua New Guineans in the markets and the provincial headquarters but what about you, what is your view?”