Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG)

Mosoro Appointed as DJAG Acting Secretary

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Pila Niningi announced the decision today.

“This has provided clarity now for the DJAG to function as it should and has restored staff morale. We would like to reaffirm the government’s commitment to providing the highest standards of legal and justice services to the agencies of government and the people of PNG,” said Minister Niningi.

He said the acting appointment was required to allow DJAG Dr. Eric Kwa to take paid leave pending the outcome of the alleged criminal charges laid against him for dangerous driving causing death.

Marine Research Guidelines essential for students

Department Secretary Dr. Eric Kwa said the research guidelines provide basic information or the main steps and processes to assist competent International Marine Science Research Organization who are interested in carrying about Marine Scientific research in PNG waters.

The Marine Scientific Research Guidelines 2021 is set in place for mostly developed countries to undertake research and lead to the development of particular pharmaceuticals and certain technological items in PNG with having the right to the research and discovery. 

Justice dept stresses on integrity

Speaking at the contract signing of 31 senior national contract officers, he reaffirmed the department’s support of the government’s stance against corruption.

Secretary Dr Kwa said: “The department is a law office – as you are signing your contracts today you are signing your integrity to this document – that you will be a man or woman of integrity which means a person who applies the rule of law.