Dr Eric Kwa

Amend constitution before raising election fees: Kwa

He said whatever decision is made by Cabinet is not automatically becomes a law.

Dr Kwa said this today during his presentation at the ‘Certified Practicing Accountants’ annual workshop in Port Moresby.

The Government recently announced in Parliament the nomination fee increases for the National and Local Level Government Elections in PNG.

Intending candidates for the National Elections are to pay a K10, 000 nomination fee, an increase from K1000, while the candidates contesting the LLG Elections to pay K2, 000, which is an increase from K500.

Govt bypass law office to amend or draft laws

This was revealed by the Chairman of Constitutional Law Reform Commission, Dr Eric Kwa, during the Certified Practising Accountants Annual conference in Port Moresby.

Dr Kwa said what was costing the state in millions of Kina in laws drafted by private firms, could be done freely by CLRC.

The CLRC is also the only constitutionally mandated office to carry out reviews and drafting of laws in PNG.

“The current legal fee that we’ve got from a private law firm, they’re charging K7 million for the drafting of a law.

Men can sue wives for maintenance for abandoning children

Secretary for Constitution and Law Reform Committee Dr Eric Kwa revealed this today.

He said CLRC has reviewed this law and made it gender balanced across the board.

According to CLRC Working Paper 23, three pieces of legislation to deal with maintenance in PNG.

A wife and children who have been deserted may claim maintenance in the District Court or the Local Court under the Deserted Wives and Children Act.

A spouse of a statutory marriage may claim maintenance in the National Court under the Matrimonial Causes Act.

Law will now deal with underage marriage

Secretary for Constitution and Law Reform Committee Dr Eric Kwa revealed this today during the joint annual Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA) PNG and CPA Australia conference in Port Moresby.

Dr Kwa said the law is now effective and is implemented across the country.

“Any kid that got married under 18 years of age will serve his/her term in prison.”

Dr Kwa also issued a warning to the parents that are encouraging their children to get married under the age of 18, will also face the law.

All women to be protected under new law

Whilst presenting at the National Council of Women’s Consultative Workshop on Wednesday, the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, stated that one of these proposed laws is a law that will forbid children who are below the age of 18, from getting married. This piece of legislation will be incorporated into the Marriage Act.

Women who do not own properties and are often left hopeless and desperate after losing everything to their spouse in a divorce, will now be entitled to 50 percent of the assets, upon the couple's separation.

Workshop on women’s Act underway

The event is hosted by the National Council of Women, in partnership with the Department of Community Development and the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission.

The five-day consultative workshop, expected to end on Friday, is hosting discussions on the establishment of proper administrative structures, identifying inclusive NCW regulations and a five-year strategic plan.

In accordance with the theme: “Empowering and transforming NCWs at all levels”, NCW Treasurer Jane Kenni told Loop PNG that the event aims to provide basis for the women’s act.

Kwa: Benefit sharing must be included in Protected Area Bill

PNG Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa says the Protected Area Bill that is still being drafted, must focus on the development services that will benefit the people.

“The final PA Bill must have a benefit sharing provision that includes sustainable financing.”

Kwa said this while making reference to the Forestry Bill and Climate Change Bill that include benefit sharing.

He said the PA Bill must explain the benefits for the locals and landowners.

Capacity is vital in protected area management

PNG Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa has revealed that provincial governments (PGs) do not have the capacity to fund and provide the human resource and facilities for PAs.

Dr Kwa said PGs are currently more concerned with money raising activities and environment issues are not a priority at the PG level.

“There are no offices for environment at the different provincial levels because there’s no funding and properly trained people and facilities,” Kwa said.