All women to be protected under new law

New Laws will be introduced to protect and promote the rights and interests of women and girls within the country.

Whilst presenting at the National Council of Women’s Consultative Workshop on Wednesday, the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa, stated that one of these proposed laws is a law that will forbid children who are below the age of 18, from getting married. This piece of legislation will be incorporated into the Marriage Act.

Women who do not own properties and are often left hopeless and desperate after losing everything to their spouse in a divorce, will now be entitled to 50 percent of the assets, upon the couple's separation.

Women's Health Protection Bill also guarantees free medical service for mothers and young girls. Under this Law, mothers will receive government issued vaccination to provide immunity against cancer.

Women convicts can also be granted bail, given the circumstances that they are in. For instance, if the convict happens to be a single mother, she can then be granted bail so that she can be able to fend for the child.

Under this same law, only female officers will be responsible for arresting female perpetrators. This is to avoid harassment of female perpetrators by male arresting officers.

These were some of the Laws that the CLRC is trying to introduce, in its attempt to protect the women folk of PNG.

The workshop in Port Moresby is hosted by the National Council of Women, in partnership with the Department of Community Development and the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission. The five-day event will end on Friday (tomorrow).

(Women in discussion during the National Council of Women’s Consultative Workshop.)

Fiona Silo